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  • Gaurav Mittal

    The qualifications made Gaurav to get into the world of Perfumery to gain the best experiences in this field and learn the state of art technologies.

  • Vivek Sharanappa

    Vivek is an engineer with almost 20 years of working experience in the software industry.

  • Deepak Kumar Pandey

    Deepak Pandey has a unique bent of mind & also developed his emotions by jotting down on by publishing a book & becoming Writer and Author.

  • Shailender S Tripathi

    Shailender is an effective communicator with perfect relationship building & interpersonal skills with vast experience in consistently raising sales.

  • Shankar Sahai

    Mr. Shankar Sahai started his career as a marketing executive in a small IT start-up and gradually raised his rank in various companies and gained experience.

  • Achyuth Patel

    The financial & technology crossover space refers to companies or services that use technology to provide financial service to businesses or consumers is emerging day by day.

  • Aditya Pratap Singh

    Mr. Aditya Pratap Singh Chauhan who has developed his project MICROPA which is a novel device for the detection, quantification, and filtration of microplastics in drinking water...

  • Ranjit Baruah

    Mr. Ranjit Baruah, Founder of AROMICA TEA with his vast experience of working in Mcleod Russel India Limited, the largest tea company in the country for the last 20 years

  • Ashish Vats

    Mr. Ashish has a highly professional and experienced team having international exposure with a proven track record Handled and Implemented best Industry practices...

  • Sujay Santra

    Sujay has led a fascinating journey, but he thinks the best is yet to come.

  • Founder and Director
    Soumita Sinha


    she has grown comfortable managing litigation files, preparing and negotiating contracts, and performing an array of legal tasks.

  • Founder
    Archana Deshpande


    She is inclined to have an eco-friendly sustainable product line. She also believes that Art has to be functional to be part of life and stay in everyday life to make it beautiful.

  • Founder and CEO
    Meera Chetan Bhatia

    Sai Swayam Society

    After a tryst with life as a Computer Science Teacher in Modern Barakhamba school, Meera finally acted upon her lifelong calling and founded Sai Swayam Society.

  • Founder and CEO
    Gunjan Arora

    Matra Skincare Essentials

    Gunjan Arora, Founder & CEO of a Made in India beauty brand which has effectively bridged the essential price gap in the skincare industry and provided affordable luxury to all.

  • Founder
    Nishtha Khanduja


    Ms. Khanduja is a young and budding entrepreneur at the age of 21. A graduate from Jesus and Mary College, one of the most prestigious institutions in the country

  • Founder
    Neha Gupta

    Namaxis Pvt. Ltd.

    Ms. Neha Gupta is of the opinion that in the next 10 years, she is looking to revolutionise the domain industry and educate the common man about a new way of investment.

  • Founder & CEO
    Dr. Shweta Singh

    Ennoble IP, and WIEF

    Dr. Shweta Singh did her education in Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Geneva, Switzerland, and MBA.

  • Trustee-Chair cum Founder
    Rashi Khanna

    Ra by Rashi Foundation

    Ms. Rashi Khanna of “Ra by Rashi Foundation” is working and committed to reinvigorating the social & economic well being of the ones in need.

  • Founder
    Sanjana Guha

    She wanted to start her own venture because she felt she is not that good to fit for office work because of her shy nature.

  • Founder
    Trishla Doshi

    The Actuary Intern

    Ms. Trishla is a self motivated intern working in the field of Actuarial Science with the objective to train the students aspiring to get themself trained in Actuarial Science

  • Founder
    Samriddhi Chakraborty

    The Calibrate

    Ms. Samriddhi Chakraborty, after working & consulting for advertising agencies for 9 years and having the will to be her own boss

  • Founder
    Aarti Ahuja

    Glow Entertainment

    Ms. Aarti Ahuja, is the only daughter of Dr Rajeev B Ahuja & Dr Madhu Ahuja, renowned Plastic Surgeon/Burn surgeon and Gynecologist/ Obstetrician respectively.

"Inspirational" journey of great personalities inspires those who want to do something in life and here in VictoryTales, we believe that life is full of Inspiration. “Life is a journey, in which you are a driver, but you don’t know what will happen tomorrow". Your Experience, family members, friends, armor to travel between hardships are necessary tools of life. In life, you will definitely face many joys, disappointments, successes, failures, ups and downs, selfish people, true friends.  You will see your parents' selfless dedication to your success, sometimes you will get stuck in a situation where you have to make firm decisions in life! Such a journey depends entirely on your sweet and bitter experience. Life's purpose is life!

The best example of Life is our moving feet. Do you know what is the difference between feet? one foot is forward at the time of moving but that feet never feel proud for being forward and nor insult the other feet in back, because they know that the situation is going to change in no time, and the back feet will come to forward. THIS   IS LIFE,

  • Anuj Sehgal

    Anuj is on a mission to spread happiness among businesses, their employees, and customers.

  • Sumeet Mukherjee

    Well I didn't choose entrepreneurship, it chose me. For me, Daily routine of 9-to-5 lifestyle felt too rigid and restricting.

  • Dr. Siddhartha Pandey

    Dr. Siddhartha has chosen 'creative' business and operational strategies to obtain the desired results in seemingly difficult mandates.

  • Ishank Anchal

    Started journey as an entrepreneur started when He completed his Masters in Business Administration and selected on-campus placement

  • Paras Gaur

    Mr. Gaur apprised that their strategic knowledge and keen understanding of advertising tools gave voice to their work.

  • Hardeep Singh

    Started as a necessity, which later-on become passion and obsession for the digital domain led to the genesis of Skyracle.

  • Shouvik Sarkar

    I believe that Customer Relationship and its satisfaction are among one of our main focus as a strategy and it is worth nothing...

  • Bikash Kumar Behera

    From childhood, Mr. Bikash understood, education is the only way that could take him out of poverty, so he remained wholeheartedly focused on his studies

  • Raja Guha

    Raja Guha is a man possessing lots of possibilities within himself including professionalism, seasoned expertise, knowledgeable and more importantly experienced entrepreneur

  • Rahul Todi

    His honesty and intention for good work have been the strengths that have contributed to the success of Shrachi Group.

  • Bhavin Gandhi

    Bhavin Gandhi volunteered at TiE Singapore for undertaking events & that’s when his quest for venturing into the entrepreneurship world started taking shape.

  • Prabhu Velusamy

    I feel most of the time playing and spending time with friends ease my pressures.

  • Sailesh Nair

    Mr. Sailesh started at the age of 16 years as he was fond of machines/vehicles and spent his time studying them and repairing faulty components in vehicles.

  • Shubham Maheshwari

    Mr. Shubham Maheshwari, MD & CEO of Being Chef who is making cooking and nutrition convenient for the masses.

  • Achyuth Patel

    The financial & technology crossover space refers to companies or services that use technology to provide financial service to businesses or consumers is emerging day by day.

If someone asks you to explain Success in your way, you will see different people have different ways of seeing success. Someone has set a goal in his life and pursue it with available sources. Some plan to do something in life but only think and don’t apply any efforts to achieve that.

Self-motivated and confident one sees success with a different perspective – He sets up a goal, plans the steps required to achieve it, and then he implements that plan effectively. For him success means achieving a challenging goal assigned to him by his inner voice.


we believe that the way you think and feel about yourself, including your beliefs and expectations about what is possible for you, determines everything that happens to you in the form of success.


It is also believed that when you change the quality of your thinking, you change the quality of your life. Just like positive words can make someone smile or a well-timed humorous quote can make someone laugh, our thoughts normally react to the world in real-time. the same positive words which you keep within you and used to achieve your thoughts lead you towards success.

One of the popular quotes of "Winston Churchill" has very deep knowledge. He has written that “the pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, however, the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. As you know the pessimists are those persons who tend to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen and always feel difficulty in every opportunity comes in his life whereas Optimist is the one who tends to be hopeful and confident about the future. Optimist person always expects better opportunities even in the worst situations that came in their life and proceed further to achieve his goals.

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