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Nick Vujicic

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Nick Vujicic

We as VictoryTales believe that Mr. Nick Vujicic has blessed by God to Inspires the world despite not having his Arms, Legs, and Worries. Mr. Nick Vujicic was born on 4th December 1982 with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder (called phocomelia) characterized by the absence of arms and legs or simply without fully formed limbs.

Mr. Nick is a world-renowned motivational speaker born in Melbourne to Dušanka and Borislav Vujičić, Serbian immigrants from Yugoslavia. Nick has two small and deformed feet, one of which he calls his “chicken drumstick” because of its shape. According to his autobiography, his mother refused to see him or hold him when the nurse held him in front of her, but she and her husband eventually accepted the condition and understood it as “God’s plan for their son”.

Originally, the toes of his "chicken drumstick" foot were fused. An operation was performed to separate the toes so that he could use them as fingers to grab, turn a page, or do other things. He has been able to use his foot to operate an electric wheelchair, a computer, and a mobile phone.

At the age of seventeen, Nick started to give talks at his prayer group. He graduated from W Griffith University at the age of 21 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a double major in Accountancy and financial planning. In 2005, Vujicic founded Life Without Limbs, an international non-profit organization. In 2007, he founded “Attitude is Altitude”, a secular motivational speaking company.

Nick Vujicic

It is said that Nick realized after reading about a disabled man who refused to let physical limitations dictate his life, that he had the ability to take control of his life. Instead of looking at everything he lacked, he decided to look at everything he could have. Now a famous author and international speaker, Nick inspires the world every day to live a life without limits.

His message is brilliantly sobering thought and galvanic to the present generations. we as VictoryTales feel that he is the true example of God's gift who comes on earth as an inspiration to others.

"We feel Nick Vujicic is an inspiration VictoryTale and wish him a grand success"


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