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John Paul DeJoria

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

John Paul DeJoria

Am sure you might have probably heard of Paul Mitchell hair products and Patrón tequila, but did you know these brands have a common origin? John Paul DeJoria co-founded both legendary companies, becoming a billionaire along the way.

The path to success wasn't always easy for everyone as is heard from our ancestors so the same was also for John Paul Dejoria.

DeJoria spent time on the streets twice. The first time he was homeless, he was only 22 and had a two-year-old son to care for. He persisted in his entrepreneurial vision, though, eventually co-founding John Paul Mitchell Systems with $700 in startup cash. Today, DeJoria is a philanthropist who supports a number of social causes. Among other things, he helps to provide resources to people dealing with homelessness.

Community works provide opportunities for individuals who have experienced homelessness to rediscover purpose and apply their God-given talents to earn a dignified income. He inspires homeless persons with such talent to come forward and work/earn with their God-given talents

"We feel John Paul DeJoria is an inspiration VictoryTale and wish him a grand success"


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