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Amrit Singh

Founder and Creative Director

We as VictoryTales, with our long & arduous search for bringing more and more meaningful and inspiring stories from around the world, this time introducing Amrit Singh Creative Director of DaBRANDé. Making the transition to drawing and sketching for fun was still difficult for many but Amrit Singh is the one who mastered his drawing skills since his childhood and developed his ability to proportion and perspective, deciphering shadow, highlights, gradations of tone besides developed the ability to unconsciously drawstring them together. Later he has chosen his career as Creative Director of his own company DaBRANDé. The art of doing drawing during school days can make one day an entrepreneur, Amrit Singh never thought that one day but now he is satisfied to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh

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DaBRANDé is a creative FMCG package design company in Ludhiana, India. The company has developed bottomless expertise in core areas of brand strategy, branding, and naming, visual identity, Website designing, Mobile App development in Punjab, Campaigns, and digital marketing in India and USA. In our opinion, these key disciplines are central to brand-building and brand development. At DaBRANDé, website designers Punjab, the company look at problems from the client’s perspective and their team, customers, and stakeholders. Every company personnel are particular about the little things that make big difference in the market. DaBRANDé build pleasant working relationships, based on being open and straightforward. In turn, this helps our clients to build fruitful relationships with their audiences, by also getting opportunities in different platforms.

The main objective of DaBRANDé is to fulfill the requirements of their clients and do the right work according to their needs and requirements. The mission of DaBRANDé is to provide best digital marketing services and website design services in Punjab and the world as well.

For more detail about the company, kindly Visit Website.

Where did the idea to start something like this come from? Please also talk us through your background and your journey as an entrepreneur;

Well, It’s all started from childhood where other children have been doing their daily sports/fun activities and I was crazy spending all my time on computer learning designs and tips for fun. I have been learning Photoshop when schools were teaching us Microsoft paints. It was fun doing that. But it was not really planned. I will go deep down and start my own Brand design/strategy agency and also build a brilliant team. Just like Design, Business was a kind of Art too for me. I really wanted to grow this as my perspective for future tech/Companies was clear. I want to see brand adored! That's what my Business tagline is - ‘Adoring businesses’

Why did you choose entrepreneurship over a job?

I think Job restricts your boundaries, and Art like Designing needs no boundaries but keeping in mind doing a design business and making sure people with the same profession doing jobs for me as well, so they simultaneously feel the same as I did. So, I changed the method of having them work, I only brought the team with whom our company goal was aligning by keeping their career as a priority. I am building a Design family under a roof they won’t be having any boundaries of working!

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

I think when you feel there is something special in you that will impact the society then you get that force in you to take ANY RISK. That’s what makes you feel like an entrepreneur.

What’s your source of motivation?

I believe my source of motivation are Travel, Communicating new people - Way of learning. More you go out, you meet different people you learn from their bad/good experiences which motivates you to take the risks. Also, the biggest motivation is when you start trusting yourself

It never ever takes your motivation down! Whatever may happen - If you believe you're going to achieve it ANYHOW.

How many hours a day do you work on average?

When I started my career, I was a freelance UI/UX designer. and I used to work 16-17 hours of work from Monday to Sunday. After starting my business, I think the average is still close, As there is still a lot ahead and will never wish. So, hustle will be on!

What is the uniqueness of your startup?

Every business/Entrepreneur has uniqueness, every failure person has uniqueness. Everything is unique itself. So, I have my uniqueness. I think that is, my one-time customer is never my one-time customer, 100% of them are now my Long term customers. So Dabrande's uniqueness is - It bound them with its quality of service and relationship.

How do you handle the pressure and manage stress?

Mostly I try to handle my pressure and manage stress by Using Tech.

How do you generate new ideas?

Since I am in a habit of reading books and grasping hidden knowledge in the books. This habit of mine inculcate new ideas in me being on the Internet and Reading books.

How did you come up with the name for your company?

DaBRANDe - When I started my career I gave myself a name (Designer Amrit) Sooner when I was about to start my own company I wanted to keep (Designer Amrit - Da) Alive and Also my thoughts in the future were to starting new business ventures. So, Keeping Da as a Signature I started giving my First business name - DaBRANDe and the ‘e’ stands for Explore.

It also means - The Brand Explorers. “DaBRANDe

What piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs?

The only advice I would like to give to the college graduates who wanted to become entrepreneurs is that "Come out of the Schools/College syllabuses - Explore the www. Education is free these days. Grab as much as you can!".

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