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Anand Mani Tripathi

Founder and CEO

VictoryTales with its objective to bring meaningful & inspiring stories around the world, This time we are introducing Mr. Anand Mani Tripathi, Founder & CEO of Aryavarta Organics Pvt. Ltd. having more than 13 years of experience to know all about an organic culture by working on grass root level in cultivating crops, Procurement, sales and marketing, Mr. Anand is on the mission to share his experience in Agriculture food production by traditional ways of farming and inspiring with his ideas to be an entrepreneur.

Before making his dream of becoming an entrepreneur, Mr. Anand has worked with eminent companies in the Organic Industries viz “Morarka Organic Foods Limited”, “Sanjeevani Organics” and “Natureland Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd.” at Leadership Positions. He has a proven track record of increasing revenues, establishing channel networks, developing new business models, streamlining workflows, Cutting Costs, and creating a teamwork environment to enhance profitability. He has added a feather in his cap by establishing two leading Organic Brands in India and Abroad. The name of Brands is “Sanjeevani Organics” and “Natureland Organic”.

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Anand Mani Tripathi
Anand Mani Tripathi
Anand Mani Tripathi
Anand Mani Tripathi
Anand Mani Tripathi
Anand Mani Tripathi
Anand Mani Tripathi
Anand Mani Tripathi
Aryavarta Organics Pvt. Ltd. "INDUZ"

Know more about

Aryavarta Organics Pvt. Ltd. "INDUZ"

Aryavarta Organics Pvt. Ltd. i.e induz Organic, striving to bring the Ancient Indian farming and fooding traditions back in our culture, become the leading producer and supplier of Indian organic products and become a trusted companion for farmers across India and doing their bit to help make farming sustainable, profitable, and environment friendly. Working with the mission to promote, develop and innovate Ancient sustainable Indian Farming Techniques to farmers, Excel in Agriculture through sustainable agriculture development, Promote Indian recipes, food products, food traditions, and chemical-free healthy food products to consumers.

With their integrated approach at Aryavarta, they begin by offering organic certification and training to the farmers associated with the Aryavarta. Through their certified sources and under the guidance of ground-level force, the company ensures a supply chain of quality organic goods. The company pays their farmer partners a premium over market prices and subsequently makes agriculture a viable option for them. To make the process of procuring and marketing our goods as efficient, transparent, and fair as possible, Aryavarta has integrated each crucial step into its working business model.

To know more about Aryavarta Organics Pvt. Ltd. please visit the company’s website: and

Where did the idea to start something like this come from? Please also talk us through your background and your journey as an entrepreneur;

In my opinion, it is destiny and karma which guide you to generate the ideas by itself. I would like to tell that I was brought up in a farmer's family and since my childhood, I am cultivating and observing various shifts in farming and the problems being faced due to change in farming methods being due to environmental and ecological, and behavioral changes. Besides this, there are several social and economical effects which are coming on the way to affect our life being farmers.

Earlier Farming was done with help of Natural resources only where less dependency on the market was there. Today farming is totally dependent on Market Inputs, which of course has pros and cons. But it's more harmful than being beneficial.

Later when I studied History, Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Agriculture, I tried to join the dots and summing up to reach a conclusion and realized that how everything is interconnected and how lives can be changed. Since farming is the base of our existence and it is the way I think we can bring back the old glory that we Indians were having earlier and what all we have to offer to this lovely planet in general and humanity in particular. That is how the whole idea of having Aryavarta Organics for executing the concept which I dreamt of and am happy that I am traveling on the right path.

And as said, It's not Just about Farming but It's about enriching the lives of an individual and making this whole planet a better place to live in. It's about a Culture, developing not only Organic Farming but a Culture where Organic Farming can Live Long and that can only be done through doing everything right by everyone, and that will happen only with the real knowledge of doing right things and developing that “Aryavarta Culture” The Ancient Indian Culture.

Later to take this Organic Culture to the next level and to align my vision and learnings to that level, I started my journey as an Entrepreneur. I believe that Creative and Hard Work, Determination, Dedication and most importantly Communication is key to open all doors of Opportunities. I believe in the philosophy that a stone fit for a wall will never lay, long lying on the road, and a firm believer in Destiny and Karma. I hail from a small village Patni, Kushinagar District of Uttar Pradesh which is 26 Km from Gorakhpur, I have done my schooling at Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir, Prayag, Graduation from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, and MBA in Marketing from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune.

Being a farmer myself and from a Farming Family Background, I have my own Organic Agriculture Farms of about 40 Acres in my village where we cultivate Wheat, Rice, Tur Dal, Peas, Potatoes, Sugarcane, Mustard, and some other crops.

I feel privileged to apprise you that in the recent Past I have been nominated for PARIVARTAN SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP AWARDS- 2018 and I addressed "OFIC 2019" i.e ORGANIC FOOD INDIA CONCLAVE -2019 Summit, TEFLA, and ICCOA as Guest Speaker, held in Mumbai.

I have been awarded as “Most Influential Industry Professional” in Organic Food Industry at Asia Food Congress and Awards, held at Taj Land Ends, Mumbai on 12th February 2020 by World Federation of Marketing Professionals and My Organisation Aryavarta Organics has been awarded as “Best Brand - Organic”, in Rajasthan Brand Leadership Awards 2020 by World Marketing Congress in association with World CSR, Aryavarta Organics has also been nominated recently as Best Startup Organisation in Field of Organic by Rajasthan Udyog Ratna Shree.

The Journey as an Entrepreneur till date is really great, interesting, and learning for me. Hope to get more out of it in the future too. That is the ultimate desire I wish to have of being a successful entrepreneur.

On enquiring from him about choosing entrepreneurship over the job, Mr. Anand narrated that;

Entrepreneurship is your idea which you think and converts your ideas and vision into reality to execute the desired goal of making something of your own. Whereas in the Job you need to align your vision and goals along with the goal of the organization, You can’t get the things executed as you wish. It is always about how the organization for which you are working thinks to get it completed.

You can be your own in Entrepreneurship and can achieve what you dreamed of and most importantly, The internal satisfaction because entrepreneurship allows you to explore what you are and gives the sense of freedom of a soul which it always Wishes.

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

The driving force which makes me courageous is the DESTINY & KARMA. The DETERMINATION in me to achieve my VISION which I retained through the MOTIVATION FROM MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS to achieve utter SATISFACTION IN MY WORK are the key driving forces leading me to become an entrepreneur.

What’s your source of motivation?

The real source of Motivation is the Vision and the goal which I have set for myself and secondly My Parents, Family and Friends who are always there to support and encourage me in my success and my Failures.

How many hours a day do you work on average?

Normally, You don’t count hours when you enjoy what you do, so we at Aryavarta, really enjoy doing what we are doing and when it's all fun It goes as long as 12 Hours and believe me it's refreshing rather than Tiring to work for your venture.

On inquiring about the uniqueness of his startup “Aryavarta Organics Pvt. Ltd”, Mr Anand explained that;

Induz Organic, Organic Products are designed to promote the most sustainable way of living life in harmony with nature that is Organic. It is a well-said proverb of ancient times that "We are what We Eat.” Eating healthy and Organic food makes us healthy, fit from mind, body, and soul, whereas eating contaminated adulterated and high chemical food not only has its ill effect on our health and body but also on our thought process and work we do.

To explain this, have we ever thought why we don't feel energetic even after having our meal, we tire very easily, our patience level has gone down, we get angry very easily, we feel annoyed on simple things, the food taste has been changed from old times, children don't feel hungry, this is all because of the food we eat, which is adulterated, contaminated and not as nutritious as they should be and intended to be, Chemicals in our food has replaced the nutrition and energy.

A healthy, uncontaminated, unadulterated, and chemical-free food is the answer to all these problems and makes us healthy.

Food is the fuel that keeps the system of living entities running, and we all know a good fuel is a key to the sustainability of the system as well as the ecosystem!

Organic Food Products are different from Regular products as:

  • It takes three long years for any farm to get certified as an organic farm and fit for organic production.

  • Organic farmers are skilled farmers, which grow organic crops after rigorous training and on-farm practice.

  • Organic food products are cultivated using indigenous seed varieties, holistic and traditional agriculture methods, and natural inputs.

  • Organic farming goes through authentic and genuine third-party multistage inspections to guarantee its authenticity.

  • The crops and farms are inspected before and after sowing of seeds, during its growth, Its harvest, its procurement, its storage, during its processing, and finally during its packing.

  • Induz Organic Farm, Processes, and its Products are certified by Government Agency RSOCA as per India Organic, Jaivik Bharat (NPOP), and USDA (NOP) standards.

No chemical fertilizers, chemical preservatives or colors neither any other kind of adulteration are done during the cultivation and processing of the Induz Organic Products to safeguard and ensure their naturalness, quality, and nutritional value.

Further, the Concept of Aryavarta Organics is not only limited to Food but is divided into Three Stages to bring back the Organic Culture in a Holistic manner.

Food of Ancient Times - Where we shall convince farmers to do Organic Farming, nature-based, cow-based Organic Farming to lower the cost of production, proper utilization of resources and our organization shall market those products.

Medicine of Ancient Times - In this step we are focusing mainly on the Indian Vedic Medicines and which are easily available in our kitchen, we will promote and market Ayurvedic Medicines to cure most of the diseases and will ask people to follow Ayurveda principles of eating the right food at right time and in the right way.

Education of Ancient Times - To Make both of the above stages followed for long and for imbibing it in everyone's life. Aryavarta will also bring back the Ancient Education System - which teaches how to live and enjoy life… teaches Humanity and develops skills in humans as per their area of interest to make them entrepreneurs who can work on their own, which further eradicate the unemployment. This will bring employment and skilled youth.

At Aryavarta /Induz we are committed to bringing the Old Good Days and Old Good Practices, Traditions, Techniques Back with Technological advancements for the benefit of Human Civilisation. We believe firmly in “ Let Food be the Medicine and Medicine be the Food “

How do you generate new ideas?

We try to create a creative environment within the organization so that seeds of new ideas are born and do Brainstorming sessions for generating New Ideas. This is the process we normally adopt to bring everyone together onboard to reach into common consciousness.

How did you come up with the name for your company ?

The Name of our Organization is “Aryavarta Organics Pvt Ltd” and our Brand name is “Induz Organic”.

Aryavarta our organization name owes its name to Ancient India, the Akhanda Bharat and our Brand name Induz is taken from Indus Valley Civilisation the oldest known human civilisation on the Earth.

Reason and Meaning for Putting our Company and Brand Name:

Aryavarta Team has researched on Ancient Indian History, Human Settlements, Cultures, Traditions and most importantly on the basic style of Living Life in Ancient India, i.e - Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Education, Social infrastructure, lifestyle, Varna Vyavastha, Economy rotation, Ancient knowledge and Philosophies which bound all this together and found that it all leads towards being a better Individual, which builds a strong society, A robust Nation and Importantly leads towards contentment and Happiness!! And all this In Harmony with Nature and other Living entities, Though after so many dominances lot of ill practices came in this system due to rumours, fake evidences, misinterpretation and hyperbolism of traditions being followed which were planned to make our lives miserable and of this planet as well!

Our Team tried to find the actual scientific reasons, resemblance to the Values, Systems and culture which was followed during old times and if some part of it is being followed in India or not and to our surprise, Yes, It is still being followed and practiced in India by followers of Ancient Religion though in limited numbers as westernisation and Capitalisation has prevailed and has engulfed those and we moved from containment and Happiness to Greed and Frustration! But the good news is Even after 800 years of Mughal and 200 years of British Dominance. The reminisces of that Ancient culture, tradition, thoughts and practices and still being followed, which are actually science and research based practices which a human should practice not only for his betterment but for the whole world.

“Sadiyo raha hai dushman daure jahan humara…. kuch baat hai ki hasti Mitati nahi Humari”

It says a lot about our ancient culture and speaks volumes about those who are practicing those values, now whole world is doing research behind the philosophies of those practices and accepting it as well as appreciating it after knowing that actually that’s the best, sustainable and scientific way to do things and thats the only way how life and humanity can survive on this Earth, Be it your Daily Work Routine starting from the time you wake up till you sleep, to eat the food, digest it and excrete it or be it Agriculture, Education which leads towards Knowledge not just information or be it Spirituality and Knowing you and What you are here for!

Our Ancestors has done lot of research on all most all of the subjects and connected the dots and in summary given the best way to do everything smallest of the smaller and biggest of the bigger just to bring only one thing Sustainability, Equilibrium and for survival of Humanity and betterment of our Planet Earth!!

They not only formulated and formalised it, but also ensured that it is being followed and transferred from one generation to another in the form of informal education, Knowledge and in the name of Culture/ Sanskara and Values.

In ancient India, believe it or not, there was a way to do each and every thing, there is a way explained in old texts how any work need to be done, starting from eating, sleeping, waking up, standing, talking, walking and what not and after research scientists are finding out Yes it's true and that’s the best scientific way it should be done, i.e. In India there is way how a person should sit when he is eating and likewise a way how he should sleep and how he should wake up, in which directions to sleep and which directions not to, what he should eat when and when he should not, and everything so detailed and so scientific that its not possible for a normal human being to interpret it all but at the same time it's easy to follow in form of Values and Sanskara.

And then a phase came when all these traditions and values were declared as old world systems, were rejected and called worst systems to be followed, by some modern gentleman just to prove them better and to break us and our systems, Culturally, Socially, Economically and Intellectually, lot of making and breaking of our old system was done, until it became confusing and very hard to practice and digest! And then this system was declared as Third World Culture, Backward, Anti Humanity, Anti Social and what not! Ironically the People who asked others to reject these started following up secretly after knowing the benefit of the same, There are countries who teach Sanskrit in their schools, our Mother Tongue even though they can’t Pronounce it properly and who doesn’t know that Sanskrit and Hindi (Devanagari) is the most Scientific language that exists on earth today! So, this doesn’t happen coincidentally, neither its serendipity. We as Ancient Indians actually taught the World what Agriculture, Science and Mathematics looks like and importantly, How to be Human and Why you are a Human and as a Human what you should do !

And that’s why when the world talks about Agriculture and specifically Sustainable Agriculture they have to come back to India to find out the way what is the best way to do it…how to do it…. and answer is Organic Agriculture and in a nutshell what is Organic Agriculture, Zero Budget Agriculture its Agriculture with Animal Husbandry and where Indigenous Cows play an important role.

So we put our organisation Name as “ARYAVARTA” which strives to create rural empowerment and employment through innovatively designed business models to employ and empower the rural population and farmers, where a farmer will do Cow Based farming, where he will be able to cut his cost of production and will be self dependent for the inputs to be used in farms instead of being market dependent and further will value add the products at his end only before selling the same in the market or to us.

Organic Farming will yield Organic Food Products which we market will solve problems like Food Adulteration and will give options to consumers for chemical free pure organic food. Organic Farming will further prove to be a mechanism for Combating Climate Change and Environment Preservation as Chemical Based Farming is responsible for 27% Pollution which we face today!

What piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs?

Take up an idea, make that idea your life, think of it, dream of it and dive on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves and every part of your body be full of that idea and just leave any other idea alone Also, it's not only about only the idea. it's also about making it happen and to make it happen you need to believe in it. with unwavering enthusiasm, unquestionable dedication and unshaken Determination.

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