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Bhavini Khakhkhar


VictoryTales with an objective to bring meaningful inspiring success stories bring a beautiful success story of Ms. Bhavini Khakhkhar, Founder of Lely’s as she is an amazing entrepreneur who did a great job in bringing innumerable beauty products under the brand name Lely’s with unmatched quality. Right from her childhood, Bhavini had a liking for beautiful cosmetic and makeup knick-knacks, and hence, pursuing her passion she did her Diploma in Cosmetic Brand Management from the Certified University of Australia in Personal Care Science

She decided to provide her customers the best Cosmetics and for that, she aspires to build the best cosmetic products line in India under the brand name Lely’s, a company that makes the most skin-friendly beauty products.

Born and brought up as a down-to-earth girl with goodness and kindness as the core values inherited from her parents, Bhavini married at a very early age to a highly intellectual and ambitious man who also reflected the same good values that boosted Bhavini’s mission to create a cosmetic brand. She started to achieve her desired objective to make the world a more beautiful place.

Bhavini believes that being a successful woman in business means different things to different people at different times in their lives. When she was young, she evaluated this solely on making a name for her company. In her thirties, things changed immensely when she was blessed with a son. Then being successful in business meant providing stability for her son, while taking her company forward as the finest in the brand of beauty products. In her forties, things changed again. Today being a successful woman in business means making time for her family, friends and herself, while creating value at work. By finally incorporating her passion into her day-to-day life, she is beginning to be truly successful in business and life. Today, success for Bhavini Khakhkhar is a matter of defying expectations, overcoming the odds, and creating opportunities to succeed where they might not otherwise exist.

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Bhavini Khakhkhar
Bhavini Khakhkhar
Bhavini Khakhkhar
Bhavini Khakhkhar
Bhavini Khakhkhar
Bhavini Khakhkhar
Bhavini Khakhkhar
Bhavini Khakhkhar

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Lely’s is a personalized beauty products store that delivers specially formulated and unique products in the cosmetics and beauty products segment. The company develops products with different scientific combinations for various skin segments like Beauty, Grooming, Hair Care, & Skin Care and provides exclusive beauty products at unbeatable prices! All the products of Lely’s are specially formulated to match your skin types. All products of Lely’s are made from scientifically proven ingredients as well as tested and approved by dermatologists. They are safe for your everyday skin & hair care routine and always give the best results. All our products are easy-to-use and offered with attractive packing. Since its inception, Lely’s has emerged as the top e-commerce portal to buy beauty products online with a huge customer base in India. We also give valuable knowledge like skincare tips, hair care tips, makeup tips, grooming tips, expert advice, updates, and tips through our blog. With 100% genuine products and brands. Lely’s prides itself on providing a comprehensive range of beauty care products online in India including beauty, grooming, haircare, skincare, and premium wellness products for women. Our objective is to reach every corner of the country with our cosmetic products range. Today, Lely’s ships to nearly every zip code of the country with reliable shipping services.

Tell us a little about your organization and your organization’s journey so far.

Lely’s is the brand name that offers the best exclusive beauty products online in India with a complete range of grooming products like Skincare & Hair Care products catered especially for your needs. About my organization’s journey I would like to apprise that right from the beginning I decided to build my beauty brand of innovative quality products. Since the beginning, I had one goal - to not only make people beautiful but also make them feel more confident about their looks – and that is the crux behind creating Lely's!

Tell us a little bit about yourself (background) and your journey as an entrepreneur, please.

Greetings, I'm Bhavini Khakhkhar, founder of Lely's - the beauty brand that is just right for you! Every single day I wake up with the feeling of gratitude that I am a part of this beautiful mission. Throughout each day, I commit myself to learn new lessons and adopt the changes necessary to improve my skills and knowledge. As I achieve my dreams, every person associated with me is gracefully empowered to achieve their dreams. I believe that success is a matter of defying expectations, overcoming obstacles, and creating opportunities that might not otherwise exist.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship over a job?

When I was a teenager, I was smitten by beautiful cosmetics and make-up. I watched ads that lured me to purchase beautiful cosmetics - and when I purchased them, the results were not what I had hoped for. This might be happening with most of the buyers of cosmetics I believe. My first turning point was at that time – and that was the time when I promised myself to build the best cosmetic-products line in India which will not only stand true to the expectations of the buyer but also shows the result after its use.

What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e. what’s your source of motivation?

Regarding my source of motivation, I feel every morning, the first thing I do is thank God for giving me another beautiful day. I make sure that I utilize the awarded day with my full potential and energy to bring a smile to my people’s faces. I usually decide my big goals to be achieved soon and divide them into small goals, daily goals to achieve the desired objectives. Every morning I wake up with a particular goal in my mind to be achieved. I even get excited about each small task and when at the end of the day, when that is being achieved, I feel a sense of completeness. I usually make sure that my goals should not be piled up and remain unachieved.

What comes first for you - money or emotions?

The feelings of satisfaction, joy, pride, or triumph that come from accomplishing something are very important to most of us. But, for me, emotions always come first in my personal life while I always choose to work hard for financial growth for my business.

How do you handle the pressure and manage stress?

To ease the pressure which comes to my mind by I spending some time talking to myself asking certain questions like – how much important is it in my life/business? What could be the best way to get things done? What if I choose the other way? I set priorities according to the demand to manage the stress whichever comes in me. I visualize the outcome I will get once I achieve the goal. I discuss it with my team members and ask their opinion and support to overcome the pressure. We celebrate small victories and reward ourselves to get going for the next goal.

What is one strategy that you believe has helped you grow as a person/start-up?

I believe that helped me grow as a start-up as I have been greatly benefited by my ethics and values throughout my life. I also believe it is very important to adhere to good ethics. Most of the time I have experienced that when you have good values, you will always be involved in good deeds. By eliminating behaviours that do not conform to my sense of right and wrong, ethical values like honesty, excellence, and ownership helped me deal more effectively.

In your opinion what are the keys to success?

earning is an essential part of my life and I believe that is the key to my success. Information and continued learning nourish my mind just as food nourished my body. I believe each career and organization should make lifelong learning an integral part of their activities.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur?

I believe every team-building exercise is intended to make employees stronger as a unit. The stronger the team the stronger the organization. I had personally witnessed the impact of this approach on employee productivity, employee motivation, collaboration, and building trust and respect between them.

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