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Sanjana Guha


At VictoryTales, we always make efforts to bring some of the meaningful and powerful stories from around the world to empower and motivate our growing community. This week, we invited Sanjana Guha for an exclusive interview to know more about her inspiring journey and the way forward.

Ms. Sanjana started working as a freelance content writer to secure her pocket money while she was pursuing her post-graduation. It was her mother who inspired her and also her elder sister who supported her a lot. She wanted to start her own venture because she felt she is not that good to fit for office work because of her shy nature. Due to this, she takes time to mingle with people and also fear from office politics.

Sanjana’s startup i.e “”, basically provides the best content writing services to various firms and organizations. LittleTry provides you with the best content for business and could promote the brand among the larger audience at an affordable price. Apart from this “LittleTry” also has a separate blog page for children. This page is not monetized and has been created purely for the children so that they can showcase their talents.

One more thing wanted to apprise our viewers that Sanjana used to provide tuitions to little kids and she found that the children are really very talented however, there isn’t much to tell the world about these talented children. She made up her mind to do something for children and she made a page called “Little Step” where they will not only write, sing, dance but also can do things they are good at. She further apprised that “Little Step” is entirely by the children and for the children.

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Sanjana Guha
Sanjana Guha
Sanjana Guha
Sanjana Guha
Sanjana Guha
Sanjana Guha
Sanjana Guha
Sanjana Guha

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On inquiring from Ms. Sanjana Guha, Where did the idea to start something like this come from? Please also talk us through your background and your journey as a womenpreneur; she replied;

I never thought to be an entrepreneur or something like that. In a middle-class family, it is quite rare to have such dreams, but I have always wanted to be a writer. My mother and my elder sister, they can beautifully pen down stories and poems. However, due to marriage, due to their everyday office, due to the responsibilities shouldered upon them, they can never go through that path although they had all the potential. I used to write for the student supplement of the newspaper daily, The Statesman. I used to write for “Voice,” it was the name of the student’s supplement. Later on, I started working as a freelance content writer when I was pursuing my post-grads, to earn my pocket money. It was my mother who inspired me and also my elder sister who supported me a lot. After completing my post-grads I started working in a firm as an academic writer, however, due to some problem with the management I had to quit my job and I took up full-time freelancing. While doing freelancing I came across many people, especially students and homemakers, who are looking for opportunities that would help them earn a certain amount and at the same time do the work they are doing. For students their studies and projects, for homemakers, it was managing household chores and the kids. They thought this is a great opportunity for them to learn something, and at the same time earn a certain amount. I also wanted to start this venture, because when I was working as a freelancer I gave many interviews because my father had always wanted me to do a 9-5 job and have a secure life. Hence, I worked in an online web newspaper too, and I understood that an office job is something that I am not fit for. I wanted to have something of my own. However, without the support of my family, especially, my mother, I wouldn’t have been able to start it. Of course, my elder sister and my father helped me a lot in this regard.

On inquiring about, Why did you choose entrepreneurship over a job? Ms. Sanjana apprised that;

I still don’t know that. Maybe because when I had a lady senior I had to leave my job proving the age-old cliché that “lady bosses are bad.” Maybe I wanted to start something of my own so I at least turn out as a good example to many other people, especially to my juniors. Maybe I want to be a leader rather than a boss. Maybe because I am not that good fit for office work, because I am very shy, I take time to mingle with people, I fear office politics. I don’t know how I ended up as an entrepreneur but the truth is I am one now.

How do you find the industry/niche that you’re in?

I guess post-COVID-19 the importance of digital marketing will increase as they are more budget-friendly than traditional marketing, but their reach to the audience is quite wide. Moreover, in the current situation, people will hire more freelancers who can do their work remotely without coming in contact with any office goers. Hence, I guess the industry will grow in near future, and at the same time, it will evolve a lot with time as well, because today, as we all know, “Content is the King.”

What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e. what’s your source of motivation?

Deadline! Well, LOL, but I fear deadlines a lot. However, I guess, the thought that only a few can achieve their dreams and most can’t because they don’t have that support from the family. Is something that motivates me a lot. I have seen many people’s dreams ruining not just because they haven’t worked hard or something but because they didn’t have the support that will give you the strength to move on. I am one of the very few, who have the support, and I will make the most use of it.

On inquiring from Ms. Sanjana about the challenges/obstacles she faced in her journey so far, She explains that;

The most important challenge that I had faced and still facing is the delay of payment or not receiving the payment at all. This industry has frauds, like many other industries, and one has to be very careful regarding payments here. Oftentimes, things work on the basis of trust but whom to trust and who actually should be suspected is a very difficult thing to determine.

On inquiring about the uniqueness of her startup Little Try, Ms. Sanjana Guha explained that;

Well, my startup basically provides content writing services to various firms and organizations. However, apart from this Little Try also has a separate blog page for children. This page is not monetized and has been created purely for the children so that they can showcase their talents. I used to provide tuitions to little kids and I found they are really very talented. However, there aren't many online platforms for them, where they will not only write, sing, dance, and do things they are good at. So, I opened up a page called, “Little Step,” and this is entirely by the children and for the children. My page is still not monetized but if I can ever monetize it, I will make this bigger and create a space where children can spread their wings of imagination, without any fear and hiccups.

On inquiring from Ms. Sanjana Guha that How she handles the pressure and manages stress, She frankly replied that;

I feel when stress persists, I cry. Tears help me to release my stress.

What is one strategy that you believe has helped you grow as a person/startup?

I guess for me the eagerness to learn new things has been my greatest strength and strategy. It has helped me to improve and grow. There is one more thing that has helped my startup grow and that’s my relationship with my writers. I have never stopped them from moving out and opt for a better opportunity and many people who may have lost hope to do something in the creative field gained courage when they started working for Little Try and then with that experience they also applied to various other big organizations and firms and started working there. I never stopped them from moving out and it has helped me to grow as later on, they provided me with not just good writers but with good clients as well. I guess, all my writers, who have worked with Little Try since its inception, are my strength. I owe them a lot. Being good and kind to the writers is the strategy that has helped me a lot to grow.

In your opinion what are the keys to success?

Sanjana expressed that each person is different. So, are their doors to success and the subsequent keys. My key to success has always been my passion for writing and loads of stubbornness.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur?

Sanjana advises someone starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur that “Be sure of the fact that nothing will back you out from your dreams”.

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