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Prabhu Velusamy

Founder and CEO

We as Victorytales believe that life without motivation is like we are sitting in a dark room with lots of fear inside. This time we met with a self-motivated person named Mr. Prabhu Velusamy, who has the most admirable qualities and grew as not to withdraw his decisions, and accepted all the challenges which came his way. He is self-motivated, an inventor, who works with self-introspection, Mr. Prabhu Velusamy, Founder & CEO of “Greenstan Technologies”.

At one time Mr. Prabhu Velusamy’s dream of becoming inventor faded, when he was not selected in the final round for getting funding to support his invention by some people who were selected through political ways. That was the only time when he decided to take a decision by motivating himself to fulfil all his needs and dreams by starting his own company “Greenstan Technologies”.

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Prabhu Velusamy
Prabhu Velusamy
Prabhu Velusamy
Prabhu Velusamy
Prabhu Velusamy
Prabhu Velusamy
Prabhu Velusamy
Prabhu Velusamy
Greenstan Technologies

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Greenstan Technologies

Greenstan Technologies is an Electrical Engineering Firm based in Renewable Energy and was established in 2019. With an emphasis on leadership and collaboration, its talented team of engineers works hard to deliver high-quality solutions.

Greenstan Technologies promotes innovative ideas that enhance the future, through a variety of engineering services, it uses the latest technologies to improve the way our communities run. The talented team of Greenstan Technologies serves its clients across various sectors with its practical engineering services.

On inquiring from where did the idea to start something like Greenstan Technologies came from and requested him to tell us about his background and his journey as an entrepreneur, Mr. Prabhu Velusamy apprised that;

My journey to entrepreneurship began after I graduated from college. At that time I was a young Inventor, aiming to bring my invention to the people. My life as an inventor has never been easier. This is because there is not enough awareness about patents and inventions in our country. At the same time, my family was expecting income from me. I was defeated in the final round by some people who had been selected political ways to get fund opportunities in many places. As my dream of becoming an inventor faded away, after a few months I asked myself a bold question. Why did I not start my own company? I can make my invention myself and sell it and my income also will improve. It's only solution fulfills all my needs and dreams. Getting me into that position was not easy. It was new to me to plan and act accordingly in advance for each day to come. Whatever you do in advance, some days will be better than anticipated, but many days will end badly.

My experience during the invention helped me recover from this. Because during my invention I experienced a lot of failures and dead-end results. Every day I will meet new people and new characters.

Failure teaches me how to overcome that problem.

On inquiring from Mr. Prabhu Velusamy, why did you choose entrepreneurship over a job? He explains that;

I am of the opinion, I am not born to live like a machine by revolving around a fixed sphere, then studying, earning, and living a family life. But I wanted to live one step above the normal person. and If I do so then no one can destroy or damage my reputation. I always wanted to be an icon. Ultimately by opening a venture titled Greenstan Technologies, I made my dream come true and helped my clients to provide them quality service under one umbrella of Greenstan Technologies.

How do you find the industry/niche that you’re in?

I don't know how others choose their suitable industries. Some prefer market-specific business, and some prefer according to the capital as well as profit return of the industry. But I chose this field which is related to my invention and feeling satisfied while doing what I know well. It will give job satisfaction whether we earn more money or not.

What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e. what’s your source of motivation?

To be honestly speaking, my source of motivation is my knowledge of my invention and I think I am at the beginning of my entrepreneurship. but I feel whenever I will be in a bad situation, there will be sleepless nights. But at the first light of the next morning whatever happens will be tackled with the motto that "life has to smoothly move forward". So I always believe that there are not only 1(one),2(two), 3(three) chances but Infinity i.e nth chances are lined up for me and whatever I have to do will be an outcome of my deeds and I have to face those problems with courage and my knowledge

Tell us about the uniqueness of your startup, please;

My start-up is unique because it is based on full inventions and future technologies. Because people always want innovation and new things. They like to upgrade. so Greenstan Technologies is a perfect match for inventions and technologies.

How do you handle the pressure and manage stress?

I handle the pressure and manage stress in my own way. I feel most of the time playing and spending time with friends ease my pressures. Because whenever we are with our friends we completely forget all the problems.

What is one strategy that you believe has helped you grow as a person/start-up?

Uniqueness of my start-up. In business, the uniqueness of the work is a key factor. Whatever you create, sell, and do, people are always eager to know what novelty you are using.

In your opinion what are the keys to success?

What field we choose is the key factor. We should Choose the field which gives us satisfaction. To achieve the objective for a successful business we should work out the Strategy and do hard work. We have to make goals and targets and apply strategies to achieve those goals and targets.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur?

I want to advise everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur that they should go with your dreams, be bold, and never lose your confidence. Don’t forget to learn new things. There will be always a second chance, grab that chance, and become a successful man.

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