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Neeru Bhaskar


Being Founder & CEO of VictoryTales, I feel privileged to introduce Ms. Neeru Bhaskar who is presently working as Principal of Delhi Public School, Jankipuram, Lucknow(UP). I feel Ms. Neeru Bhaskar is a truly inspiring woman and the one who plants the seeds of knowledge among children, sprinkles them with love, and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow's dreams of every parent. I always look back with appreciation at the brilliant women which came across in my life, but with gratitude at those who touched my human feelings and I feel Ms. Neeru Bhaskar is the one who touched every individual’s feelings with a warmth which she possesses.

I still remember the day I was discussing the perfect qualities of a teacher with her and she broadened my vision at that time when I was in the teaching line. She has chosen this noble profession to shape and polish the character, caliber and help all her students to recognize their within potential. After spending so many years in this profession she reached the spot where every individual wants to reach but very few reach.

It is said that when you see a well-functioning school, most likely, there is a good Principal behind it. A Principal who sets a vision for the school and sets clear objectives. Someone who creates the space that fosters a teacher’s professional and personal development, and encourages student’s personal growth, creativity, and their own journey of discovery.

After working in the field of teaching for so many years before becoming Founder and CEO of VictoryTales, I feel, a Principal must be a pedagogical leader to dozens of teachers: observing them in the classroom, evaluating institutional performance, and helping them get the professional development opportunities. I also feel proud to apprise our readers that Ms. Neeru Bhaskar is rich in pedagogical leadership and she deals with such challenges as Principal with hundreds of students and their personal and academic challenges, besides responding to the parents, on one to one basis, each with their own expectations for the school.

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Neeru Bhaskar
Neeru Bhaskar
Neeru Bhaskar
Neeru Bhaskar
Neeru Bhaskar
Neeru Bhaskar
Neeru Bhaskar
Neeru Bhaskar
Delhi Public School, Jankipuram, Lucknow

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Delhi Public School, Jankipuram, Lucknow

Delhi Public School Jankipuram is an academic institution that follows a progressive educational system. The school follows a curriculum that truly believes in developing life skills in students and making them global citizens. The school promotes a holistic learning system that caters to all-around development of its students and provides a challenging environment to reach their optimum potential. We aim to instill a progressive mindset and have blossomed into a multidisciplinary institution, offering various facilities to impart myriad expertise. The school nurtures leaders of tomorrow, who will succeed in whatever they put their hands to, anywhere in the world, and yet retain a distinctive ethos and essence of India. We strive to develop the cognitive, emotional, psychomotor, and aesthetic faculties of the learner through a number of curricular and co-curricular activities in order to foster team spirit and environmental cognizance. We offer an amiable, stress-free, and value-based learning experience. We also lay emphasis on the proficiency of a learner in the acquisition of essential life skills attitudes, values, and achievement in outdoor co-curricular activities encompassing sports and games.

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On inquiring about her inclination towards choosing the teaching profession and reaching as principal how do you feel for yourself, Ms. Neeru Bhaskar explained that;

The idea came to choose this profession from the responsibilities that we as kids had to shoulder from a very young age. I basically belong from Uttarakhand whereas I was born and brought up in Kanpur (UP) and my schooling has been from the prestigious 'St. Marry's convent School' of Kanpur. I dreamt of my childhood to work as an administrator and had always wanted to be an IAS officer. But due to my father’s passing away, I recognized our responsibilities at a very young age. At that time Teaching seemed to be the most suitable career option. But with the passage of time, I discovered my strength as a teacher and realized that somewhere along the way Teaching children & training & grooming them was my forte and became my passion. I still feel that “Teaching is My Calling” and I will continue to work for the students so that together we can create ideal future-ready citizens with strong civic sense coupled with responsibility and empathy for fellow human beings.

How do you feel that being a Principal of a prestigious institution like DPS Jankipuram Lucknow, you can live your life for children?

Like I have already mentioned, Teaching Children & helping them to Evolve is most satisfying & for a person like me, I feel it’s the sole-factor that attributes to my confidence & purpose of living. There’s a lot we can do with young minds. I feel by instilling the right values in them, we can help to build the Social Structure that we ourselves want to be a part of. It gives me a sense of fulfillment to make a child discover his/her own strengths & latent potential and help him/her evolve into a complete personality. Now as a Principal, I Feel great in doing the same with my Staff. It feels so exciting to help an Individual evolve as a Professional of superlative capabilities. Leadership lies in creating more Leaders. And I thank God for helping me continue to emerge as a leader rather than an Administrator.

On inquiring about her source of motivation when she wakes up in the morning, Ms. Neeru Bhaskar conveyed her feelings and conveyed;

I feel “My Profession, An Opportunity to meet My Students & My Staff & together create a constructive day” are my source of motivation.

On inquiring about what challenges/obstacles did you face in your journey so far? Ms. Neeru Bhaskar apprised us that;

As you know the Principal of a school has to deal with hundreds of students and their personal and academic challenges besides administrative issues. I accept these challenges every day and try to cope with them utilizing my utmost abilities that I acquired after having been in this profession for so many years. Fortunately, I have kept only the positive and constructive memories in store and keep on moving forward in my journey.

Nowadays stress at work is an increasingly common feature of modern life, on enquiring from Ms. Neeru Bhaskar about how she handles the pressure and manages stress which comes in her life, she explains that;

I love to interact with the Tiny Tots of Pre-Primaries whenever I feel stressed and they have always helped me to revive my spirit & made me feel rejuvenated. I have always kept my Connect with the Almighty Above. I completely trust Him & believe in the Power of Prayer and I feel that

“Sai has been my Strength Always.”

On inquiring about one strategy that she believes has helped her grow as a woman, Ms. Neeru Bhaskar apprise that;

I believe Integrity & Genuine Hard Work has helped me evolve both professionally & personally. I have never compromised on the Quality of my work output. Mediocrity has never been a part of my working style.

On inquiring about her opinion about “the keys to success”, she explains that ;

Frankly speaking, your success doesn’t happen by chance. It takes strategic actions in the right direction to get you there. I believe only Hard work, Genuine efforts & Honest Wok-Approach makes one’s ladder of success.

On asking Ms. Neeru Bhaskar about the advice she would like to give to someone to become something in their life? she replied politely that;

To any aspiring professional, I would like to say that no matter which profession you choose, please ensure you invest honest inputs before you want to receive profitable outputs. That would help you achieve longevity goals.

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