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Sumeet Mukherjee

Co-Founder and Director

Here in VictoryTales, we always looks forward normally unique personalities who inspire others with their best deeds in life and become role model for young entrepreneur who worked hard in their life to reach the heights after starting from small openings.

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Sumeet Mukherjee
Sumeet Mukherjee
Sumeet Mukherjee
Sumeet Mukherjee
Sumeet Mukherjee
Sumeet Mukherjee
Sumeet Mukherjee
Sumeet Mukherjee
Macro Webber

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Macro Webber

“Macro Webber” is the most valued Web Designing, and Digital Marketing Service Provider based in Mumbai, India after starting from Siliguri, west Bengal. Having an experienced professional team of Macro Webber which has excelled in the Digital Marketing services related to Website Designing and Development, UI/UX Designing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing like Facebook and Instagram Marketing, Pay Per Click Ads, and E-commerce websites. The company also provides custom-tailored plans, so that the client has flexibility in choosing services as per their need. Macro Webber also likewise concentrates on making SEO friendly web sites which assists to acquire leading rankings on a different online search engine, lately, Macro Webber have also begun actually in making receptive sites which additionally helps people improve their search rankings and also to boost the user’s experience.

Where did the idea to start something like this come from? Please also talk us through your background and your journey as an entrepreneur?

I read a lot of books, I belong to a small lower middle class family, residing in a small town, Siliguri, West Bengal. After graduation in BCA from Siliguri Institute of Technology, I pursued Digital Marketing course from a renowned institute, after that I started working at an E-Commerce store as a Digital Marketing Intern. Worked there for a year, I always had a craze of starting something of my own. So with lots of struggle, mentorship and a good partner, I finally started my own startup, Macro Webber, a fully fledged Digital Marketing Company here in Siliguri. Initially at the beginning the work started from home, where me and my partner worked Day and night to fulfil our clients need. We were lucky enough as our first client was an International Client. Slowly and steadily, we started getting good exposure and we started getting more and more clients. After a year of starting our business, we finally took the risk to have our own office setup in Siliguri, and now we have a team of 15 employees working for us.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship over a job?

Well I didn't choose entrepreneurship, it chose me. For me, Daily routine of 9-to-5 lifestyle felt too rigid and restricting. I wanted a life of freedom and flexibility, one that would allow me to do things I like without any limits. I love to work. I am a workaholic, but I have my own way of working. Entrepreneurship requires tremendous amount of hard work. In the beginning you will work long hours for very little pay, you must be truly passionate about your business. It will also give you the opportunity to re-invest most of the money your business makes back into the business. Breaking the corporate mold as a millennial all comes down to two things: putting in the work to establish your expertise and setting yourself apart from the crowd. It wasn’t a complicated process that required climbing mountains after being trained by a guru. It simply came upto figuring out what path could lead to my lifestyle I wanted, and then took the right steps to become an expert.

How do you find the industry/niche that you’re in?

Well to be honest, I heard the term Digital Marketer in lot of movies, but it never intrigued me. But after graduation, I had choice of pursuing MCA or doing something else, I did some research on latest trends and took the other path and pursued Digital Marketing.

What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e. what’s your source of motivation?

I never get out of my bed in the morning, I am a nocturnal person. Coming back to my motivation, I love to take new challenges and everyday your life is different as you don't know what's gonna happen next. That vibe keeps me motivated always.

What challenges/obstacles did you face in your journey so far?

A lot of challenges, initially the first thing I came across were, to make my parents understand the difference of job and entrepreneurship, which I guess they still don't understand. Also, When it comes to money, most startups end up spending too much and exhaust their budget too early and frivolously, or on the other hand, they stay too conservative and end up not expanding at the right pace making them obsolete. And the biggest challenge is coming to the realization that big changes don’t happen overnight. If you see a goal, whether it’s greater fitness, a leaner figure or more strength and conditioning, it may seem far away. Too far away to feel realistic, but you must also realize that big changes can be broken into small, achievable, segments. If you can only manage 10 pushups today, it may seem worthless to do them. What difference can only 10 pushups make? But once you understand that you’re 10 pushups closer to where you want to be, if you manage to take a step, any step forward, you are making progress. And sooner than you may realize, those progress steps start to feel (and look) tangible. Noticeable something you can feel. Build on that. Harness it. Relish it. And don’t beat yourself up if you mess up - because you will. Each day is another chance to start again, if you let it.

Tell us about the uniqueness of your startup, please;

In a competitive landscape, a key consideration is standing out from the crowd. For startups, this is important because the barriers to entry are relatively low, while new or innovative ideas can quickly be replicated by agile rivals. It means startups needs to discovery how they are unique and different to position the brand and carve out a competitive edge. If this can’t be achieved, then startup can come across as just a me-too product. Being unique or different, however, is not easy. There is so much competition that startups have to be creative, flexible and bold. By doing a competitive analysis, a startup can see the best opportunities to stake a claim on how it different or unique. For us, well we believe in quality over quantity. We may work with less number of clients, but we try providing them a good quality of service. We believe in Value for money.

What is one strategy that you believe has helped you grow as a person/startup?

I'm very sensitive to the nuances of group dynamics. If there’s an unhealthy amount of stress within the team, I can pick up on some of that stress too. So, what I do is to try to proactively listen to the concerns of the people around me, checking in frequently to see whether they, themselves, are under stress. If they are, I think about how I can help them with their workload so the collective stress of the team doesn’t escalate. When the team’s happy, I’m happy.

In your opinion what are the keys to success?

In my opinion there are 3 (three) Keys to Success in Life (That You Can Start Doing Now)

  1. Write down Your Goals

  2. Create a Powerful Belief System

  3. Invest in Yourself

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur?

I am not exactly a successful entrepreneur, but yeah I can be considered as an aspiring one as well. These are a few quotes that I look up to, these are extracted from different mega successful entrepreneurs.

  1. “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” -Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

  2. The trust of consumers requires time and effort to nurture slowly, however any mistakes made by your company, might end up in a very undesirable outcome.

  3. “Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.” -David Rockefeller, CEO of Chase Manhattan Corporation

There are opportunities all around you. If you put in hard work and discipline to really search for such opportunities as well as develop them. You will succeed eventually.

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