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A Parthiban

Founder and CEO

VictoryTales with its objective to strive and grope vigorously to bring some of the meaningful and powerful stories from around the world to empower and motivate our growing community of entrepreneurs, this time we are introducing Mr. A Parthiban, Founder & CEO of Virtue Sense.

Mr. Parthiban is an IT Engineer with vast experience in different fields. He worked in the field of sales, marketing, and even as a gym trainer before deciding to raise a company called “Virtue Sense”. After spending many sleepless nights and finally, one day came up with an idea of starting up a software company on his own which is a Customer-centric and Employee friendly workplace. Mr. Parthiban wanted to decide on his own, freedom of agreeing and disagreeing, to set an example for the future in terms of work culture, dealing with clients, and satisfying them.

Mr. Parthiban has a healthy habit of being on the internet mostly and searching for existing business owner’s struggles, upcoming technologies, and business models to see how he can benefit them. Keeping himself engaged and updated with new business models drives him through.

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A Parthiban
A Parthiban
A Parthiban
A Parthiban
A Parthiban
A Parthiban
A Parthiban
A Parthiban
Virtue Sense

Know more about

Virtue Sense

Virtue Sense is a digital product development firm that transforms business through design and technology. Beating the common belief to make a trade-off between price, features reliability, and customer satisfaction, Virtue Sense strives to secure steady growth of its customers by producing applications that are highly reliable, rich in functionality, and yet extremely affordable.

With its motto "We Inspire from Great Ideas, Innovate with Technologies and Impress with our Works!" Virtue Sense always goes for interesting, challenging, and exciting opportunities to make it fit into any market any time through its varied expertise in Web & Mobile App development, On-Demand App development, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, AR/VR development, Digital Marketing and many more.

On inquiring from where did the idea to start something like “Virtue Sense” came from and requesting him to tell us about his background and his journey as an entrepreneur, Mr. Parthiban apprised that;

Like many of the people I have joined Engineering B.Tech (IT) with Zero-knowledge, I was an average performer in academics during my school days but I went below that in the Engineering days. Luckily I was able to complete my degree. I was totally blank after my 4 years of engineering and despite having arrears and zero knowledge in coding I have no guts to apply for an IT job. I tried many companies in and around my city for various job roles, Many companies rejected me because I was overqualified for that job. After many rejections (after 6 months) I got a Field Marketing job (Part-time) initially it was a bit uncomfortable for me to face some really worst situations and I equipped myself and did a good number of sales. As it was a contract job I worked for 4 months and again I was unemployed. Thereafter I decided to join as a GYM instructor (morning time) and after that, I started attending interviews and one fine day one of my friends neighbor was in a plan of starting his company and was in search of some candidates and I went along with 3 of my friends and joined the company (Night Shift) and that was a pure sales-oriented company and within a few months all of the 3 friends left the job and I was the only one survived and did a great number of sales and was promoted as a team leader. One day, I thought of switching to a day shift job and this time I was confident enough to apply for many IT companies and got many good offers in Night shift but at that time my only preference was day shift and then I’ve got into a company where I learned how a software company works, etc., I was promoted as a regional head of sales in a short period. Naturally being transparent, straightforward and honest not only to the company but also for my clients there were some unorganized stuff inside the company so many of the clients were unhappy with their project deliveries, despite being in a very comfortable position I have decided to switch my company and that was even worse and then I have decided to start a company with a strong focus on Business ethics, Transparency, Trust, Affordable and Satisfaction to my clients.

On inquiring from Mr. Parthiban, why has he chosen to become an entrepreneur over a job? He apprised that;

I wanted to decide on my own, freedom of agreeing and disagreeing, to set an example for the future in terms of work culture, dealing with clients, and satisfying them.

On inquiring from him about what was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur? Mr. Parthiban replied that;

After spending years in the IT industry and working closely with many clients, personally I have never got satisfaction from the works done. Most of the companies are much concerned about their revenue. rather than customer satisfaction. Many sleepless nights spent and finally one day came up with an idea of starting up a software company on my own which should be a Customer-centric and Employee friendly workplace. I strongly believe that “True Entrepreneurship is delivering success to everyone” and hence came up with “VirtueSense” we are here to stand unique and create a revolution in IT and Customer relationships!

Can you please share with us your source of motivation for becoming an Entrepreneur?

Being from an upper-middle-class family, It was initially hard for me to break the shell but I always wanted to be on my own and to do what I love and here I am with my own Name and proud to say that every single penny earned is with my belief and struggles. My family respected my dream and allowed me to self think and decide what is right and what is wrong.

On inquiring from Mr. Parthiban about the number of hours a day he normally works on an average? He conveyed that;

I don't have a specific time, I will work on my necessary and comfortable timing. I always make time for myself, family, and friends.

On inquiring about the Uniqueness of his company “Virtue Sense”, Mr. Parthiban said that ;

At Virtue Sense, We strive to be more of a partner than a vendor. Partners understand each other and bring value to the business. A strong focus on providing an excellent customer experience helps us attract and retain customers of all sizes, across a wide range of markets and industries. Our company runs through profits, private ownership, and a debt-free structure also allow us to offer our customers stability and the promise that we will continue to offer them support long after the close of a sale. We are UNIQUE.

Nowadays it is said that Pressure and Stress are becoming part of everyone’s life, On inquiring how you handle the pressure and manage stress? Mr. Parthiban replied that;

Well, Every human undergoes this, I used to spend time with my family and friends and do regular workouts and travel a lot to keep my mind and body healthy. I won't make promises which I can’t keep and I don't take up commitments that I cannot afford.

On inquiring, how does he generate new ideas? Mr. Parthiban apprised that;

I have a healthy habit of being on the internet mostly and searching for existing business owner’s struggles, upcoming technologies, and business models to see how I can benefit them. Keeping myself engaged and updated with new business models drives me through.

How did you come up with the name for your company and what was the thought behind deciding the name of your company?

We believe that Our name speaks:

Virtue = High morals and Ethics
Sense = Sensing the future

Sensing the future technology with Virtue

On inquiring about what piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs? He replied that;

We should allow future generations to self think, analyze, plan, and execute their dreams. We shouldn’t compare ourselves with anyone, We need to find our best and work for it. We shouldn’t worry about others getting settled in their life so soon, we should be happy that we still have more opportunities to explore. Ask WHY? and know WHY? Remember “A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of a sheep - Tywin Lannister”.

Nowadays many entrepreneurs are budding like me, No matter whatever business you’re into let us understand the core value of the business and never let the standards down. If we have worked for something good we should know how to sell, Selling something for less than the worth is not real business it will affect the entire ecosystem. Let’s have a healthy business and be happy. Good luck!

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