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Bikash Kumar Behera

Founder and CEO

It is said that "Bad days teach us for the best life". That same thing happened with Mr. Bikash Kumar Behera who hails from a small town Banki in Odisha state of India. Brought up in a poor family has seen his village in very poor condition. From the early days, Mr. Bikash has seen his father struggling to take care of his family.

Getting sentimental while remembering his childhood days properly he narrates. From childhood, Mr. Bikash understood, education is the only way that could take him out of poverty, so he remained wholeheartedly focused on his studies and each time acquired the top position in the class.

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Bikash Kumar Behera
Bikash Kumar Behera
Bikash Kumar Behera
Bikash Kumar Behera
Bikash Kumar Behera
Bikash Kumar Behera
Bikash Kumar Behera
Bikash Kumar Behera
Bikash's Quantum

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Bikash's Quantum

With the objective of systematic investigation into and study the materials and sources in order to establish facts in the field of Quantum Computing, Mr. Bikash an alumnus of IISER Kolkata made research papers, one after the other and to date, he has produced more than 125 publications since July 2017 in the field of quantum computing. Also throughout the journey, he got his lucky woman in his life, and together, he and his wife are determined to dedicate their all to achieve their dream. Mr. Bikash is an inspiration for generations to come who struggled from childhood and reached his heights with his own courage and will to do something in life.

On inquiring from where did the idea to start something like Bikash’s Quantum came from and requesting him to tell us about his background and his journey as entrepreneur, Mr Bikash apprised that

“Bad days teach us for the best life. That same happened to me. Born and raised in a poor family in a small town Banki in Odisha State, India understands that education is the only way to come out of the poor situation. I wholeheartedly remained focused on my studies and each time became the topper of my class from Ist standard to Class 12.

I still remember my bad days when I joined IISER Kolkata, my life seems not worked, like before. I struggled for three years of my crucial stage without any guidance in absence of good teachers or friends to get help from them during those days till I met professor Panigrahi of IISER Kolkata which came in my life as a guiding force who was in the field of quantum computing. With my inclination towards Quantum Computing, I decided to go in this field and explore more about Quantum Computing. One day after returning from my college vacations, I met Prof. Panigrahi with strong emotions and told him that “I want to make my career in this field with you”. He gave me a warm handshake which I never believed and my journey started like foliage of the bay tree woven on my head as an emblem of victory in my life. Finally after struggling to learn in the field of quantum computing for almost one year, finally I made my debut in this field with a research paper on a Quantum Cheque and its realization using a 5-qubit IBM’s quantum computer, which was highlighted in the new scientist magazine.

I feel proud to convey my gratitude to my guide Prof. Panigrahi and my Institute with IISER Kolkata who felt proud of my achievements. From then, I never stopped exploring this field of quantum computing and will also do all I can in the rest of my life for this rapidly growing field. From July 2017 to till date, I have produced more than 125 research publications in the field of quantum computing. Throughout the journey, I got my lucky charm and, I and my wife have made our google to dedicate our all to this field.

I was planning to start a quantum computing company. I had this dream in my life every passing day and night. Finally, I made it and started the company Bikash’s Quantum and now, both I and my wife have a determination to remain unstoppable in this field being an entrepreneur.

On inquiring from Mr Bikash, why did you choose entrepreneurship over a job? He explains that;

As is evident from the meaning of my name “Bikash” which is “to make progress”, my arduous search for making progress in life never makes me satisfied to have a comfortable life with limited growth. I rather prefer to grow unlimited and indeed love to take risks.

How do you find the industry/niche that you’re in?

I feel fortunate to have chosen this field, as it’s the next future. I believe that the field of quantum computing will bring new technologies and will revolutionize the whole world, and the whole industry.

What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e. what’s your source of motivation?

I feel my dream to explore quantum computing, my inner targeted goal, and my responsibility which wakes me up are my source of motivation.

What challenges/obstacles did you face in your journey so far?

Sometimes you will have money, sometimes you will be out of money, have to struggle with all the good and bad situations. I respect all the situations, at bad times, I learn and at good times, I think of improvisation.

On inquiring about the uniqueness of his startup, Mr Bikash explains that;

Our startup is dedicated to quantum research and quantum technology. Students, faculties, professors, researchers, institutions, companies whoever working in the field of quantum computing will be able to learn and earn using our platform. Our goal is to accelerate this field in doing research and developing technology, and make realize its true power in the near future.

How do you handle the pressure and manage stress?

If there is pressure then it will be obvious that stress will come but “Staying calm, go to sleep and wakeup with full of ardent zeal and energy” is the success mantra of mine to handle Pressure and Stress.

On inquiring that what is one strategy that he believe has helped him grow as a person/startup, Mr Bikash apprise that;

“Leadership skill. Taking risks and helping others in achieving their success” has made me grow as a person/startup.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur?

I advise anyone who is starting out as an entrepreneur, to first make your goal clear, then keep on doing, the world will say no to you, keep on doing, then the world will say no to you, keep on doing, then the world will say no to you, keep on doing, keep on doing, keep on doing, and keep on doing, finally you will become a success, and then the world will clap for you.

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