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Gaurav Mittal

Managing Director

As part of our persistent efforts here in VictoryTales to identify and share some of the meaningful stories from India and around the world, we have invited Mr. Gaurav Mittal, Managing Director of Aromatic & Allied Chemicals for an interview with us. Gaurav took over his family business after the sad demise of his father Sh. Brijesh Mittal and after attaining his worldwide experience in the field of Essential Oils and Fragrances.

Gaurav obtained his Bachelors and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from India, Master’s degree in Perfumery from ISIPCA, France respectively. ISIPCA France is the only institute giving the best perfumers of the world. After carrying out his other master’s degree from France, he did his Masters in Business Management in Aroma Technology from Plymouth University, UK.

The qualifications made Gaurav to get into the world of Perfumery to gain the best experiences in this field and learn the state of art technologies. He worked with some of the biggest F&F houses of the world – I.F.F. and Givaudan. He also worked in different parts of the world like Dubai, Holland, USA, France etc and his last profile was a Trainee Perfumer with Givaudan Perfumery School in Paris, France in 2010.

After coming back to India, he developed the various product lines in this industry and put the world’s best R&D centre that consist of GCMS, Automatic Refractometer, Polarimeter, etc. due to which AACare now popular for the best qualities they offer as 100% Pure and Natural.

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Gaurav Mittal
Gaurav Mittal
Gaurav Mittal
Gaurav Mittal
Gaurav Mittal
Gaurav Mittal
Gaurav Mittal
Gaurav Mittal
Aromatic And Allied Chemicals

Know more about

Aromatic And Allied Chemicals

Aromatic & Allied Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils,Natural Aroma Isolates,Mint Oils, Spice Oils & Oleoresins, Supercritical CO2 Extracts, USDA / EU Organic Products, Carrier Oils (Cosmetic & Food Grade), Natural & Organic Fragrances and FMCG Products

Aromatic & Allied Chemicals is an ISO 9001:2015, HACCP and WHO-GMP Certified company with its products being KOSHER, HALAL, & NOP/NPOP/EU ORGANIC Certified thus certifying all of its products to be safe to be used in Food, Flavour, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Perfumery Industry.

Established in North India in the valley of Natural Herbs and the company is having its own / contracted farms and fields spread in different regions of India enabling it to procure raw materials directly from their farmers with guarantee of their product that it produces 100% pure and natural.

Aromatic & Allied Chemicals is the first company in India whose products are GMO FREE certified (the plant species that are used for making the raw materials is from nature).

The company under the leadership of Mr Gaurav Mittal, is also working for upliftment of the farmer’s lifestyle & building toilets (W C’s) in many adopted villages in Uttar Pradesh to boost and support ‘Swach Baharat Abhiyan’ of Hon. PM , Mr. Narendra Modi and also to support the farmer families. AAC is also planning to open a primary school in Village Ghoniya, Bisalpur very soon where Mr. Brijesh Mittal, founder of AAC was having the first Distillation Plant of Lemongrass Oil in the 1960's. The company is also donating many sports products to the primary schools of villages.

On inquiring from where did the idea to start something like Aromatic & Allied Chemicals came from and requesting him to tell us about his background and his journey as entrepreneur, Mr Gaurav Mittal apprised that ;

Since I was involved with the experiences of my father in the field of Natural essential oils, I always have been smelling the fragrance when my father used to come back home from his farms. Generally my father used to smell fresh tones of lemongrass and rosy tones of Palmarosa with surroundings of menthol. It was a mixture of all these smells that I experienced in my childhood. My father, knowing the future of this natural essential oil industry and my passion for perfumery started developing my skills in the same field. In order to get this streamlined from the start, all was well planned and I did my bachelors and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from one of the most reputed institutes of India. Thereafter, I pursued my Master’s degree in Perfumery from ISIPCA, France – the only institute giving the best perfumers of the world. After carrying out my another master’s degree from France, I did Masters in Business Management in Aroma Technology from Plymouth University, UK

All the above qualifications made me get into the world of Perfumery and I then started my first job with International Fragrance and Flavors in Dubai, Holland and France. After a few years I then shifted my job to Givaudan (which is the world’s biggest F&F house) and within a few months got selected to be trained in Givaudan Perfumery School in Paris which evolves the world’s best perfumers. Unfortunately during my training period in France, I lost my father and then I have to come back leaving my dreams and passion for perfumery. After coming back to India, I took over my family business ‘Aromatic And Allied Chemicals’ (established in the year 1977) which was involved in farming of Aromatic Crops and production of Pure Essential OIls. However the shock of losing dreams , passion and father really shattered my life and thought of giving up. But what kept me alive in perfumery was the smell of the Natural Essential Oils and it has always been coming in my mind to kick start something new. I then started exploring different parts of India and numerous aromatic crops. With the help of Scientific institutes, I started helping farmers to grow different aromatic crops and extracting essential oils from the same. Using those natural essential oils, I started making the natural blends and finally was able to convert my passion for perfumery into a beautiful composition in the form of a Natural Perfume. The pure Essential Oils that we were extracting also helped me to get into the world market. This is how I am finally very happy to be the Owner of Aromatic And Allied Chemicals where I am keeping my passion alive and also helping my farmers and their families with many works and their requirements.

On enquiring from him about the choosing entrepreneurship over job, Mr Gaurav Mittal narrated that;

To choose entrepreneurship over a job, I think was the need of the hour and as I told you, I was a Trainee Perfumer with Givaudan Perfumery School in Paris, France in 2010 before shifting to India after the sad demise of my father Shri Brijesh Mittal. I have seen my father in raising this Business since my childhood and was fortunate enough that I attained the best qualifications available in this field and carried forward my family business for which I am being brought up.

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur? Mr Gaurav said that;

The Key driving force was the social work that my father was involved in. My father was associated with more than 5000 farmer families for whom he was actively working and helping them to meet their needs. When I came back from France to complete the rituals of my father, those poor farmers and their families forced my mind to leave my luxurious job and come back to India and support them. This is from where I started exploring farming & then cultivating the numerous aromatic crops with those farmers and became a successful entrepreneur. Now we are one of the leading producers & exporters of Organic Essential Oil & Natural Essential Oils of India.

On enquiring How many hours a day do you work on average? He explains that;

You see being an entrepreneur and a social worker you need to struggle hard to find appropriate working hours but normally I am working almost 12 hours minimum to forward the venture at new heights and using around 06(six) hours sleep to attain energy besides slipping almost for 04 (four) hours for workout.

On enquiring about the uniqueness of his company - Aromatic & Allied Chemicals? Gaurav apprised that;

Aromatic & Allied Chemicals i.e AAC is certainly unique in the field of Natural and Organic Oils to Fragrances in the world. It is now exporting a wide range of products from Natural Essentials Oil and Organic Certified Essential Oils to Fragrances in the world market. Now, AAC is the only company in India, having projects which are GMO FREE Certified & Fair Trade Certified – thus assuring the oils we are manufacturing are free from any modification and adulteration and also we are following the International standards of Fair Trade and Fair for Life giving equality to all. Apart from this, AAC is also ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, WHO GMP Certified and her products are KOSHER, HALAL, and EU/NOP/NPOP Organic Certified.

It is also unique in terms of its commitments resulting there has been many awards and honours achieved by AAC since I have taken over the company and some of the achievements are:

  • Star Category Certificate by Commissioner & Director Industries of Uttar Pradesh in 2015

  • Amar Ujala MSME Conclave 2015 Award as the Special Honour of Best Industrialist of Uttar Pradesh by Hon. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh & Hon. Industrial Minister of Central Govt.

  • Shri Janeshwar Mishra State Export Award 2015 - 2016 as the Highest Export Performance under the category of Perfumes, Essential Oils by Hon. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

  • Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia MSME State Award 2015-2016 as the Best Product Manufacturer under the category of Essential Oils by Hon. Industrial Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

  • Great Achievers Award for Young Entrepreneur 2017 by Indian Organisation For Commerce & Industry, New Delhi

  • 100% Star Export House in the Year 2017 by Government of India - Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Leadership Award 2018 by Hon. Ministers of Uttar Pradesh, ABP News and CSR Thought Leaders

  • Pride of City Bareilly 2018 by Hon. Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Hindustan Times Media

  • Top Most Exporter of India Award in the year 2018 by Hon. Minister of Commerce & Industry & Civil Aviation of India, Mr. Suresh Prabhu

  • Asian Famous Brand Award in Shenzhen, China on 9th Sept 2019 by Asian Brand Association, Asia Television, National Development & Reform Commission, China Economic Weekly, Peoples Daily and Indian Industries Association.

  • Uttar Pradesh Best Employer Award 2019 on 1st Oct. 2019 by ABP News, World HRD Congress, World Federation of Human Resources Professionals and Dr. Tarita Shankar Excellence Awards

On enquiring how he handles the pressure and manages stress? He said that;

I would say, normally I don't feel any stress and if somehow comes on my way I try to Workout as much as possible and to reduce it I discuss with my team to handle and manage.

On asking how he generates new ideas ? he explains that;

I have unique ways to generate new ideas for myself. I wish if such needs come and I have to generate some new ideas, then I would prefer to sit in a lonely place near to the Himalayas. Besides this I also get something in my mind while I am on some international visits and moves in search for understanding the market and consumer needs.

On asking what piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs? Mr Gaurav said that;

Some things that have helped me and I would like to share with the college graduates who wanted to become entrepreneurs are that:

  1. Never give up on your dreams and keep moving forward to chase your dreams.

  2. There is a favorite quote “Rome was not built in one day”. So work on your dreams every day and your dream will come true one day.

  3. It requires hard work and commitment to be a good entrepreneur, besides courage adds floral to the future.

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