Rashi Khanna

Trustee-Chair cum Founder “Ra by Rashi Foundation”

This time VictoryTales invited Ms. Rashi Khanna who is Trustee-Chair cum entrepreneur and inspiring the world with her very unique idea of helping the needy women under her Flagship initiative to help the " Women facing a midlife crisis". 

A seasoned business professional with over 18 years of experience both in a corporate setup and as an entrepreneur Ms Rashi Khanna as an assertive marketing expert, She always felt many social issues lacked empathy, sensitivity, and compassion. Ms. Rashi believes in bringing the change that adds many smiles to mankind. She is a rare combination of hyper empathy and deep caring.

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Sanjana Guha

Founder of

At VictoryTales, we always make efforts to bring some of the meaningful and powerful stories from around the world to empower and motivate our growing community. This week, we invited Sanjana Guha for an exclusive interview to know more about her inspiring journey and the way forward.

Ms. Sanjana started working as a freelance content writer to secure her pocket money while she was pursuing her post-graduation.  It was her mother who inspired her and also her elder sister who supported her a lot. She wanted to start her own venture because she felt she is not that good to fit for office work because of her shy nature. Due to this, she takes time to mingle with people and also fear from office politics.

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Trishla Doshi

Founder of “The Actuary Intern”

We as VictoryTales believe that those who can motivate others are the real hero. This time we are introducing Ms. Trishla Doshi who helped the students community by launching a platform of Internship to training in the field of Actuarial Science.

Trishla Doshi, Founder of “The Actuary Intern” who is still a student and very passionate about mathematics. She attained qualification in the field of Actuarial Science and cleared CT1, CT3, CT5, CT9, CS2 and Data Analytics Project Internship at KPMG. Apart from this she did her internship at Hdfc Ergo  General Insurance in Health pricing. Ms. Trishla is also a member of a 400 volunteer club at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries(IFoA) which is a United Kingdom (UK) based institute.

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Samriddhi Chakraborty

Founder of  The Calibrate

It is said that there are smooth paths to promising humans and the same thing also seems to work for Ms. Samriddhi Chakraborty who did her master's in Advertising and the Creative Economy from Kingston University, London (United Kingdom) with an objective to become a Womanpreneur one day. Ms. Samriddhi Chakraborty, after working & consulting for advertising agencies for 9 years and having the will to be her own boss, decided to go ahead with her own Digital & Data specialists firm "The Calibrate". There are very few people who think about disabled people. Ms. Samriddhi, not only gives training to them but also employ them.


Aarti Ahuja

Founder of Glow Entertainment

We as VictoryTales believe that people who can inspire others are the real hero in the present world and we always look forward to such personalities for our inspirational platform. Besides this, as it is said that learning what success is to you is more about deciding what matters most to your spirit and your happiness is all about, this time we are introducing Ms. Aarti Ahuja, Founder of Glow Entertainment to our readers. 

Ms. Aarti Ahuja, is the only daughter of Dr Rajeev B Ahuja & Dr Madhu Ahuja, renowned Plastic Surgeon/Burn surgeon and Gynecologist/Obstetrician respectively.

Anchal Andrews

Anchal Andrews

Founder and CEO of SkillMaker Consultancy-India

We are privileged to introduce a passionate woman entrepreneur Ms. Anchal Andrews, the Founder and CEO of SkillMaker Consultancy-India. Ms. Anchal Andrews carries an International experience in Management Sales, Service, Learning, and Development. The Company SkillMaker Consultancy-India,  established in the year 2017, with a track record of successful business through SkillMaker Training Services in the United Arab Emirates from the year 2013 to 2017. Licensed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India as SkillMaker Consultancy,

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