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Bhavin Gandhi


We as Victorytales team relentlessly works with its objective to search and bring meaningful inspirational stories from across the world for our readers. With that objective, this time we introduce Mr. Bhavin Gandhi, a young and energetic personality this time for our readers.

Mr.Bhavin Gandhi, Director of Infintrix Global Pvt Ltd started his company InfintrixGlobal after acquiring a lot of work experience in various jobs/positions in Mumbai and Singapore. An IT consultant with big dreams got an opportunity to work in Singapore in the year 2006. Mr. Bhavin Gandhi volunteered at TiE Singapore for undertaking events & that’s when his quest for venturing into the entrepreneurship world started taking shape.

It is believed that God gives an opportunity to everyone. Those who accept offers get everything in life and those who miss the opportunity or as is generally said, those who miss the train, wait for the next opportunity. Mr. Bhavin caught the train at the right time and started his own IT Consulting Company “InfintrixGlobal.”

The present trend is that most of the IT personnel want to move out of their homeland in search of opportunities for jobs/comforts but Mr. Bhavin didn’t miss the opportunity to work on his own and that too in his home city, Mumbai and he didn’t think much & just jumped on the opportunity.

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Bhavin Gandhi
Bhavin Gandhi
Bhavin Gandhi
Bhavin Gandhi
Bhavin Gandhi
Bhavin Gandhi
Bhavin Gandhi
Bhavin Gandhi
Infintrix Global Pvt. Ltd.

Know more about

Infintrix Global Pvt. Ltd.

InfintrixGlobal is a leading Software & Apps Development Company offering comprehensive IT solutions across the globe. InfintrixGlobal offers custom software & app development, website and e-commerce development, IT training, IT consultancy, offshore IT outsourcing, digital marketing, creative design services, IoT & Infrastructure solutions globally. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company with more than 7 years of a strong foothold in Asia & the Middle East. The company also caters to diverse clientele & industries ranging from BFSI, Education, Manufacturing to E/M-Commerce.

On inquiring from where did the idea to start something like “InfintrixGlobal” came from and requesting him to tell us about his background and his journey as an entrepreneur, Mr. Bhavin Gandhi apprised that;

My background is in IT Consulting; post my first job in Mumbai, I got an opportunity to work in Singapore in 2006, and being a young guy having big dreams, I grabbed the offer. I worked in a job in Singapore until 2010. While I was working, I always wondered how it would be to run my own business. In Singapore, I got in touch with TiE Singapore (The Indus Entrepreneurs) which is a non-profit organization dedicated to entrepreneurship & it has many chapters across the world. I got an opportunity to volunteer at TiE Singapore for undertaking events & that’s when my quest for venturing into the entrepreneurship world really started taking shape. In 2011, while I was still working in Singapore, I got an opportunity to work on a really interesting project in Mumbai & that’s when I decided it was time to come back to India and start my own business and that’s how Infintrix Global Pvt Ltd, my company was born.

On inquiring from him about the choosing entrepreneurship over a job, Mr.Bhavin Gandhi apprise that;

Well it was not about choosing one over the other. I had a stable and well-paying job in Singapore & a very comfortable lifestyle. It was just that I saw an opportunity to work on my own and that too in my home city, Mumbai and I didn’t think much & just jumped on the opportunity.

How do you find the industry/niche that you’re in?

My background like I mentioned is in the IT Consulting space especially in the Banking Treasury. So my target clients are banks and financial institutions. I have been working in this industry since I started my job. So there was not really any other industry that I know of or have been working on. Except that now as part of our company offerings and verticals, we do have diversifications across other industries. But if you talk about a niche, Banking Treasury space is my forte.

What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e. what’s your source of motivation?

I feel my source of motivation is “Technology” which is an amazing thing and the industry that I am in changes rapidly every now and then. Besides this the biggest source of motivation for me is to invent or provide the best technological solutions available so the standard of living/business of my clients, partners, and employees is improved.

What challenges/obstacles did you face in your journey so far?

Competition is one thing that is part and parcel of any business especially in the kind of business I am in. In any country, there are always people who compete on the basis of price and that really pulls down the whole business dynamics. So that is one challenge that we have to constantly work around with. Another one is of course – attrition. IT as an industry has the highest attrition rates as there are lots of opportunities available in the market. So keeping our people motivated to come every day smiling and work for us is a challenge but we’ve managed to figure that out so far.

On inquiring about the uniqueness of his startup, Mr Bhavin Gandhi explains that ;

Well technically, we are not a startup anymore. Although we started off as a pureplay IT Treasury Consulting player which is a niche business in itself with very few players providing the kind of service we do. Over the years, we have morphed into a more generic IT Consulting solution provider having different verticals like Bespoke Software Development, IT Infrastructure Consulting, Cloud Consulting, Industrial IoT & Blockchain technology implementation. If you talk about uniqueness, the one thing that stands out for us compared to our competitors is our quality of service & that explains why the 1st client that we started our journey with is still working with us.

Stress at work is an increasingly common feature of modern life, however on enquiring from Mr. Bhavin Gandhi about how he handles the pressure and manages stress, he explains that;

The pressure is part of any business and invariably you have to manage stress and pressure when you start any business. The biggest remedy to handle pressure is to anticipate it as part of your daily life and not be bothered by it. Although meditation and listening to motivational talks can help you ease out stress. I normally stick to a routine when it comes to my daily schedule which includes exercise, meditation and listening to some motivational / business podcasts which keeps me sane in spite of pressures and stress.

On enquiring about the strategy that he believes has helped him grow as a person/startup, Mr. Bhavin Gandhi narrated about the parameters responsible for developing it;

Gratitude is something that can always keep you grounded and not let success go into your head. I have practiced and am still practicing gratitude to Almighty, my family, my employees, my clients and partners, and everyone who has given some contribution to my life or my company in any which way. This has been my mantra all along. I truly believe life is all about thanking people and giving back. As they say, what goes around comes around – and I stand by it.

In your opinion what are the keys to success?

I believe that the keys to success must have three words i.e Humility, Perseverance & Honesty. The Humility to accept that our way may be better, the perseverance with the technique requires dedication and the Honesty which we have in ourselves.

On asking Mr. Bhavin what advice would you give to someone starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur? He gave very confident advice that;

For aspiring entrepreneurs I would like to say that "Don’t focus on money, it is a by-product".

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