Neha Wahi

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Monday, 3 May, 2021


Founder and Creative Designer


VictoryTales with its objective to bring meaningful and inspirational stories from around the world, this time brings a story of self-styled woman Ms. Neha who strived to become founder and creative designer of Luxumhomes despite so many multi tasks of life had surrounded her. She grabbed every opportunity to achieve every goal of her life. Ms. Neha Wahi did her MBA in Finance from Punjab University and after twelve years of her marriage life she did MA in Clinical Psychology from IGNOU for which she dream of and is now the Founder and Creative Designer of Luxumhomes. Neha’s hobbies range from cooking and learning new things besides helping people to relieve their sufferings to the best extent she can. She opted for Clinical Psychology as she feels pleasure when she tells people that how they can live peacefully. Presently Neha is doing Medical Internship with “Brain Behavior Research Foundation of India”.

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Luxumhomes is an interior design studio located in Delhi, India that provides a full range of high-end commercial interior design, residential interior design, lighting and decorative services. the expert team of Luxumhomes enrich spaces with texture and modern glamour. Combined with a fusion of unique and rare design pieces that evoke and delight the senses. The experts of Luxumhomes advocate that a sense of good design being fundamentally focus on the people who admire the things.

they also advocate that a sense of good design being fundamentally about the focus on people, purpose and functionality. We take immense care in creating the finest designs to give your home the look you desire.

The Company's mission is to make working environment and living environment better. It creates designs of influence and purpose, that speak volumes and positively serves the needs, ethos and culture of their users. The specialists in designing homes and offices besides taking care of execution of the entire project on end-to-end basis. Designing of Luxumhomes ensures to inspire, speak, touch and Impact the heart, mind and Imagination of all the clients they serve.

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Neha Wahi