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Monday, 22 March, 2021



Namaxis Pvt. Ltd.

This time in VictoryTales, we are introducing Ms. Neha Gupta, an entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Brand Consultant, Naming Expert, Public Speaker, Influencer, Developer and Digital Marketing expert. She is Founder of Namaxis Pvt. Ltd. When Ms. Neha was in M.Tech Chemical final year in IIT Roorkee she started working on her idea and started investing with her college stipend, and with a few college students as a freelancer. She is on a mission to educate masses about an alternative stream of investment i.e domain name investment and revolutionise domain industry like never before and in reach of the common man.

Ms. Neha is working to create a whole new pool of domain investors by helping them earn good income on a monthly basis, helping startups / corporations to brand themselves with right domain names and helping NHIs and high end investors earn huge returns on investment by investing in digital assets i.e. high end domain. Her vision is to make digital investment as a mainstream investment and make India a digital India in a way how people invest their money.

Ms. Neha Gupta is of the opinion that in the next 10 years, she is looking to revolutionise the domain industry and educate the common man about a new way of investment and educate entrepreneurs/startups about the right way to brand their business.

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Namaxis Pvt. Ltd.

Namaxis.com provides relationship based domain advisory, acquisition and brokerage services with an emphasis on accessibility,trust and integrity. At Namaxis every client is allocated a highly qualified dedicated Broker who can advise on a diverse range of domain opportunities listed on the world’s main domain markets.

Namaxis helps by offering professional and discrete domain name acquisition service to help secure the premium domain name one’s business deserves. Namaxis also has developed a unique approach to domain name brokerage to help find and secure a buyer for premium domain names. Besides this, Namaxis also helps to make the right domain name when buying or selling domain names.

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