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Monday, 22 March, 2021



Glow Entertainment

We as VictoryTales believe that people who can inspire others are the real hero in the present world and we always look forward to such personalities for our inspirational platform. Besides this, as it is said that learning what success is to you is more about deciding what matters most to your spirit and your happiness is all about, this time we are introducing Ms. Aarti Ahuja, Founder of Glow Entertainment to our readers.

Ms. Aarti Ahuja, is the only daughter of Dr Rajeev B Ahuja & Dr Madhu Ahuja, renowned Plastic Surgeon/Burn surgeon and Gynecologist/ Obstetrician respectively. She from her childhood made up her mind to help the people. Brought up in a family where young children were encouraged to play in different ways and her play as a single child was being around her father Dr Rajeev B Ahuja who at that point was acing the academic and research ladder of Plastic Surgery and Burns globally, all the National and International meetings did leave an impact on her. Besides this her schooling at Modern School Barakhamba Road and her strong family background in medicine helped her engage organizational and public relations skills for conducting and creating events for as long as she can remember. Ms. Aarti Believes that entrepreneurial spirit in her was an outcome of her upbringing and foremost goal of creating happiness for people.

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Glow Entertainment is a boutique events and entertainment company providing a bouquet of services from artist management to complete solutions for business development like marketing advertising and branding needs. Glow Entertainment specializes in event management and communication experience based services.

It conceptualizes and executes events/projects in collaboration with their partner agencies. Conceptualizing new age events and experiences ,Glow Entertainment is growing in building a strong resource and talent base to provide talent and services across industries. Combining Ms Aarti’s passion and purpose with a strong support from her family and her company's Co Founder (who likes to keep a low profile), the journey of Glow Entertainment began with a learning curve of trying to organize a Wellness Festival in 2017. Ms Aarti expressed her gratefulness and gratitude towards her Co Founder for his wholehearted contribution in strengthening the company.

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