Amrit Singh

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Friday, 16 April, 2021


Founder and Creative Director


We as VictoryTales, with our long & arduous search for bringing more and more meaningful and inspiring stories from around the world, this time introducing Amrit Singh Creative Director of DaBRANDé. Making the transition to drawing and sketching for fun was still difficult for many but Amrit Singh is the one who mastered his drawing skills since his childhood and developed his ability to proportion and perspective, deciphering shadow, highlights, gradations of tone besides developed the ability to unconsciously drawstring them together. Later he has chosen his career as Creative Director of his own company DaBRANDé. The art of doing drawing during school days can make one day an entrepreneur, Amrit Singh never thought that one day but now he is satisfied to be a successful entrepreneur.

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DaBRANDé is a creative FMCG package design company in Ludhiana, India. The company has developed bottomless expertise in core areas of brand strategy, branding, and naming, visual identity, Website designing, Mobile App development in Punjab, Campaigns, and digital marketing in India and USA. In our opinion, these key disciplines are central to brand-building and brand development. At DaBRANDé, website designers Punjab, the company look at problems from the client’s perspective and their team, customers, and stakeholders. Every company personnel are particular about the little things that make big difference in the market. DaBRANDé build pleasant working relationships, based on being open and straightforward. In turn, this helps our clients to build fruitful relationships with their audiences, by also getting opportunities in different platforms.

The main objective of DaBRANDé is to fulfill the requirements of their clients and do the right work according to their needs and requirements. The mission of DaBRANDé is to provide best digital marketing services and website design services in Punjab and the world as well.

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Amrit Singh