Shailender S Tripathi

Published on:

Monday, 22 March, 2021


Co-Founder and Director

Indyo Organic Pvt. Ltd.

VictoryTales with its prime objective to bring meaningful success stories of entrepreneurs from around the world this time introduces Shailender S Tripathi, Co-Founder at Indyo Organic Private Limited.
Shailender is an effective communicator with perfect relationship building & interpersonal skills with vast experience in consistently raising sales and profitability for the company. With over 10 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Key Account Management, Distributor/Channel management, Sales Promotion & Team Management Shailender added extensive experience in exploring and developing new channel partners, CNF, Distributors for accelerating growth & achieving desired goals.
Shailender came from a farmer background and being a farmer means that you get to go to bed each night knowing that you have contributed to something that people need on a most basic level. Right from his childhood, he has seen his Grandfather, Father, and other people of their village working very hard in their farmland for their livelihood. The whole idea came in the mind of Shailender of being an entrepreneur from the rich experience he has developed through his Organic journey in top-notch companies and their operations from farm to fork.

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Indyo Organic Pvt. Ltd.

INDYO ORGANIC ensures a consistent and stable supply of organic commodities and has a diversified cultivation base with a network of 2500 Farmers in 3 states i.e.Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, and Meghalaya. The company has its own geographically diversified cultivation base and with its continuous improvement in cultivation methods, it ensures that these agricultural products are sold domestically and used as raw materials at its own processing facilities. Indyo Organic has more than 100 organic commodities to offer to its consumers.

INDYO ORGANIC believes that changes are required in the present social, economic, political operations of the society in order to make this beautiful earth sustainable to ensure the longevity of life of all the living entities on this planet through Plantation, Agricultural developments, crop cultivation & its care and Indigenous crop conservation and recycling.

INDYO ORGANIC has a vision for the Farmers and various Farmer’s Welfare Special efforts are made to educate the farmers about organic cultivation in order to reduce the cost of production and set them free from debts by using their own preparations. The company also helps the farmers by providing them technological support for pest management, fertility, and quality management by organic methods.

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Shailender S Tripathi