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Monday, 22 March, 2021



Search Foundation

This time VictoryTales invited Dilip Zade, who is Founder cum entrepreneur of Search Foundation and inspiring the world with his motive to work for the development of tribal and farmer populations. According to Dilip , serving the people of these rural tribal populations is equal to the service of the Nation because these rural people are the real backbone of our Nation.

Er Dilip Zade, Born and brought up in a small village in a farmers family. Walked many miles daily to attend school. Left the village to grasp the quality education, did Intermediate while remaining in the hostel meant for poor and needy people. Wanted to pursue Agriculture engineering but landed up with a diploma in electrical engineering from government polytechnic to support family expenditures. After completing the Diploma with first-class, though my dream was to do a Bachelors Degree course of Engineering and at that time I could get the chance of getting the admission in that but likewise earlier I did not have any financial support so I started the search for a job. I got the chance of Apprenticeship and my first salary in the form of stipend was Rs.500 at that time. During the time of apprenticeship, I was facing a huge mental and psychological pressure due to no moral and financial support from my family.

In Spite of all the hurdles and negative situations and circumstances he defeated all that with his positivity and hardwork and after that Mr. Dilip Zade founded the Search Foundation and also upgraded his educational qualification through completing Degree of Bachelors of Engineering, Diploma of Public Relations and Professional degree of MBA.

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