Dr. Siddhartha Pandey

Published on:

Monday, 22 March, 2021


CEO and founder

HRD India

There are many renowned personalities around the world who are inspiring others to learn from their "high and lows" which came in their lives to achieve the present position, this time in VictoryTales, we introduce Dr. Siddhartha Pandey who is a man of many qualities.

Dr. Siddhartha Pandey, CEO and Founder of HRD India is blessed with lots of qualities in him. He is on the mission to find and help align “Human Capital with Financial Capital”. He has successfully led and drives the Human Resource Department for prominent companies like Balasore Alloys Ltd., EMC ltd., Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd., Electro steel ltd., Adhunik ltd., Simplex Infrastructure and Shristi Infrastructure Limited.

Dr. Siddhartha Pandey has headed The Confederation of Indian Industry (Eastern Region) besides remaining an active member of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries (BCC&I), Merchants Chamber of Commerce (MCC) and also a member of WORLD HRD Congress.

Blessed with a special aptitude for playwriting, he is regularly writing in Times, Magazines, Linkedin, and Various Social Sites. Moreover he is the winner of many HR leaders awards.

Dr. Siddhartha’s plans have come to fruition rather sooner than expected after a successful corporate career in a Fortune 500 company, the tipping point came where his inner instinct led him to redefine life and the impact he wanted to create. It was the point at which series of small changes emerged and he knew that he didn't want his boss's job, any of the other senior management roles, or to work between 12 to 14 hours a day. Dr. Siddhartha also knew he didn't want to sacrifice his quality of life, and regret not living.

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It's a company providing full service of Integrated HR solution which include services in all its elements such as retained as well as contingency-based search services, advisory services, recruitment process outsourcing, leadership, mentoring, coaching, corporate training.

As CEO & Founder of HRD India, Dr. Siddhartha has chosen 'creative' business and operational strategies to obtain the desired results in seemingly difficult mandates. He explains further that their business is a fascinating combination of high-quality work processes and people sensitivity.

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Dr. Siddhartha Pandey