Bikash Kumar Behera

Founder and CEO

Bikash's Quantum

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Monday, 22 March, 2021

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Bikash Kumar Behera

It is said that "Bad days teach us for the best life". That same thing happened with Mr. Bikash Kumar Behera who hails from a small town Banki in Odisha state of India. Brought up in a poor family has seen his village in very poor condition. From the early days, Mr. Bikash has seen his father struggling to take care of his family.

Getting sentimental while remembering his childhood days properly he narrates. From childhood, Mr. Bikash understood, education is the only way that could take him out of poverty, so he remained wholeheartedly focused on his studies and each time acquired the top position in the class.

Bikash's Quantum

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With the objective of systematic investigation into and study the materials and sources in order to establish facts in the field of Quantum Computing, Mr. Bikash an alumnus of IISER Kolkata made research papers, one after the other and to date, he has produced more than 125 publications since July 2017 in the field of quantum computing. Also throughout the journey, he got his lucky woman in his life, and together, he and his wife are determined to dedicate their all to achieve their dream. Mr. Bikash is an inspiration for generations to come who struggled from childhood and reached his heights with his own courage and will to do something in life.


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Bikash Kumar Behera