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Monday, 22 March, 2021




We as Victorytales, In our latest interview, spoke to yet another passionate entrepreneur Mr. Achyuth Patel who is a Nuclear engineering dropout from SRM University, Chennai who has started his journey to follow his heart to establish a Fintech company in India i.e FRND.

According to Mr. Achyuth Patel, Founder of FRND, the financial & technology crossover space refers to companies or services that use technology to provide financial service to businesses or consumers is emerging day by day and it’s one of the fastest-growing markets in India and globally. Indian Fintech is one of the top five markets by the value of capital funding and Mr. Achyuth Patel decided to be a part of it and developed an app “FRND” that allows every user to pay their credit card bills even though they don’t have money.

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FRND, being the only one of its kind app with its distinctive and eccentric user-friendly features that allow every user to pay their credit card bills even though they don’t have money. It sounds interesting but it seems to be true according to Mr. Achyuth Patel. FRND helps the user in paying their credit card bills even if they don’t have money and of course with very minimum service charges.

This’s one of its kind apps! People can transfer money, add money to their wallet through debit/credit cards, and can transfer the amount to any bank account without any service charges. A one-stop destination for everything related to payments and is a platform for personal and business transactions, transfers, payments, and credit services.

To our readers, we wanted to apprise that Mr. Achyuth Patel has just started this App based service and is presently working with bankers and will notify by placing this App in the public domain for the users when this app will be fully functional.

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Achyuth Patel