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  • Job restricts your boundaries, and Art like Designing needs no boundaries...

  • My source of motivation is myself confident to help the small businessmen who are struggling to sell their products.

  • It is the destiny and karma which guides you to generate the ideas by itself.

  • Shailender is an effective communicator with perfect relationship building & interpersonal skills with vast experience in consistently raising sales.

  • Deepak Pandey has a unique bent of mind & also developed his emotions by jotting down on by publishing a book & becoming Writer and Author.

  • Mr. Shankar Sahai started his career as a marketing executive in a small IT start-up and gradually raised his rank in various companies and gained experience.

  • Vivek is an engineer with almost 20 years of working experience in the software industry.

  • The qualifications made Gaurav to get into the world of Perfumery to gain the best experiences in this field and learn the state of art technologies.

  • Sujay has led a fascinating journey, but he thinks the best is yet to come.

  • Three factors will always play a full-frontal role in entrepreneurship: constant challenges, yearning to go for the unreachable, and quenching your thirst to create something new out of the ordinary.

  • Walked many miles daily to attend school. Left the village to grasp the quality education, did Intermediate while remaining in the hostel meant for poor & needy people.

  • Vipul did Level 02 Coaching certification from Australian Ice Racing (AIR) in Short Track Speed Ice skating, & certified by Olympic Solidarity, Melbourne, Australia.

  • **It's like an adrenaline in your blood… once there, always there.**

  • Paras Khanna & his team provides interior design services from classic traditional to modern graphic or fusion pattern.

  • Sport is an integral part of Mr. Siddharth’s life and in fact, his “head is in technology and heart is in sports”. From being a competitive athlete to a game-changer

  • After spending many sleepless nights and finally, one day came up with an idea...

  • Recycling is not a new or innovative business. My product is unique, not the business.

  • Mr. Ashish has a highly professional and experienced team having international exposure with a proven track record Handled and Implemented best Industry practices...

  • Mr. Ranjit Baruah, Founder of AROMICA TEA with his vast experience of working in Mcleod Russel India Limited, the largest tea company in the country for the last 20 years

  • Mr. Aditya Pratap Singh Chauhan who has developed his project MICROPA which is a novel device for the detection, quantification, and filtration of microplastics in drinking water...

  • Mr. Shubham Maheshwari, MD & CEO of Being Chef who is making cooking and nutrition convenient for the masses.

  • The financial & technology crossover space refers to companies or services that use technology to provide financial service to businesses or consumers is emerging day by day.

  • Mr. Sailesh started at the age of 16 years as he was fond of machines/vehicles and spent his time studying them and repairing faulty components in vehicles.

  • I feel most of the time playing and spending time with friends ease my pressures.

  • Bhavin Gandhi volunteered at TiE Singapore for undertaking events & that’s when his quest for venturing into the entrepreneurship world started taking shape.

  • Rahul's honesty and intention for good work have been the strengths...

  • Raja Guha is a man possessing lots of possibilities within himself including professionalism, seasoned expertise, knowledgeable and more importantly experienced entrepreneur

  • Mr. Bikash understood, education is the only way that could take him out of poverty...

  • Dr. Siddhartha has chosen 'creative' business and operational strategies to obtain the desired results in seemingly difficult mandates.

  • Started journey as an entrepreneur started when He completed his Masters in Business Administration and selected on-campus placement

  • Mr. Gaur apprised that their strategic knowledge and keen understanding of advertising tools gave voice to their work.

  • Well I didn't choose entrepreneurship, it chose me. For me, Daily routine of 9-to-5 lifestyle felt too rigid and restricting.

  • Anuj is on a mission to spread happiness among businesses, their employees, and customers.

  • Started as a necessity, which later-on become passion and obsession for the digital domain led to the genesis of Skyracle.

  • I believe that Customer Relationship and its satisfaction are among one of our main focus as a strategy and it is worth nothing...

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