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Rahul Todi

Managing Director

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We as VictoryTales believe that an ideal business family is the one which understands that the survival of the business is important for the survival of the family and the Family enterprises are different because they involve families. This time we came across Mr. Rahul Todi, Managing Director of Shrachi Group who is from a business family and is carrying the legacy of his father to new heights.

Mr. Rahul Todi, one of the most prominent young entrepreneurs of Bengal and son of a reputed Industrialist – Shri Shrawan Kumar Todi. He is one of the paramount forces behind the Shrachi Group, a highly regarded family owned business of West Bengal that ventures into Real Estate, Agro and Engineering.

Under the leadership of Mr. Rahul Todi, Managing Director, Shrachi Group, the business has grown exponentially. His creative way of thinking has brought a new vision to the business. His honesty and intention for good work have been the strengths that have contributed to the success of Shrachi Group.

Mr. Rahul Todi also started a notebook brand besides the family Real Estate business to establish the company’s presence across the country.


Shrachi Group

Shrachi Group is a leading conglomerate. Dynamism and the desire to evolve have always led Shrachi to explore newer territories in its ventures. Since its inception, Mr. Ganesh Narayan Todi and Mr. Brijlal Todi have inspired the team to Dream and Do. Thus began the journey of Dreamers who Do.

Today, the Rs.1000-crore conglomerate has expanded into businesses as diverse as Real Estate, Agro Machinery, Engineering & EPC, and Stationery under the able leadership of Mr. S.K.Todi and his sons Mr. Ravi Todi and Mr. Rahul Todi.

From a humble beginning in 1966, Shrachi Group has grown from strength to strength to be where it is today. The company's transparent policies and a penchant for perfection have always satisfied shareholders and consumers alike.

Brijlaxmi Paper Products Pvt. Ltd., belonging to the group, is a young company engaged in the manufacturing of an entire range of paper products and stationery for students and executives alike.

On enquiring background about Mr. Rahul Todi, and his journey as an entrepreneur, he apprises us that;

The idea to start a notebook brand besides the family Real Estate business came from a thought process that our family business was geographically restricted to West Bengal and due to the success in Real Estate involving direct consumer interaction, I thought of launching an exciting children focussed brand and starting with a “notebook”. It was a good way to establish our presence across the country.

I belong to a family where overall interest as mentioned is in Real Estate, Agro, and Engineering. My first personal venture was in IT which I started with two of my college mates from Australia and we grew the business to about 1300 people in IT Services. We sold the company to Manpower Inc which is a global manpower services company.

On requesting him, why did he choose entrepreneurship over a job? he explains that;

I think from very early in my childhood I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I belong to a multi-generation business family who have been in business throughout their life. So I have grown up seeing my father being an entrepreneur which probably inspired me to be an entrepreneur myself rather than doing any job.

How do you find the industry/niche that you’re in?

This industry is very exciting and challenging. Exciting because every day is new; everyday you are building something; every day you are planning and looking at each project in a new way. One of the most fulfilling parts is the fact that to see something you envision in your head, then to plan for it and finally to see it being built, is one of the most enriching experiences about the industry.

On enquiring about what gets him out of bed in the morning i.e. what’s his source of motivation? Mr. Rahul explains that

Motivation! The most important thing one needs in life. Motivation is the prerequisite for better performance. Intelligence,hardwork,talent- everythingis a mere wastewithout motivation. My source of motivation, I believe, is creating something new and my family.

On enquiring about the challenges/obstacles he faced in his journey so far, Mr. Rahul narrates that;

Challenges and Obstacles are always a part of any journey and naturally my journey has been no different.

One of the biggest challenges I feel every entrepreneur faces is a failure and also in your entrepreneurial journey you are bound to make some mistakes which might lead you to business losses, and also might lead you to some distractions. In our mind we feel these obstacles and challenges as a problem but if you use it as a learning for your next venture or the next part of your venture you will surely overcome the obstacles and challenges.

One straight question, how do you handle the pressure and manage stress:

It is easier said than done and every individual has his own way of managing stress and pressure. Pressure and stress are part of the entrepreneurial journey and we all must learn to handle pressure and stress. To be very honest there is no formula that can work for everyone.

What is one strategy that you believe has helped you grow as a person/startup?

The one strategy or believe that has helped me is the intent to do good work. A lot of problems and issues will arise doing these part and temptations are there to change your path but in the end, if you have honesty and if you have the intention to create a great business or a great product and service you will succeed. Personally this has helped me to grow and come to the stage where I am today.

Our exclusive interview with 

Rahul Todi

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"We feel Mr. Rahul todi is an inspiration VictoryTales and wish him a grand success"


Rahul Todi


Shrachi Group

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