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Ashish Vats

MD and CEO

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We as VictoryTales, with our long & arduous search for bringing more and more meaningful and inspiring stories from around the world, this time introducing Mr. Ashish Vats.

Mr. Ashish Vats MD & CEO of Medilinks India is an IIM Calcutta Alumni with experience of over 19 years in Healthcare Industry, a remarkable Job tenure of 17 years starting from Executive to Director of an MNC. Mr. Ashish’s varied experience as Management & Strategic Consulting, Business Development/Corporate Development, Strategic Planning, Acquisitions, Market Research, Marketing, Branding, Sales & Operations in various Multinational and National organizations added feathers to his cap in establishing Medilinks India.

Mr. Ashish has a highly professional and experienced team having international exposure with a proven track record Handled and Implemented best Industry practices, Leadership and efficient team Building, Analysing Business Potential, Conceptualising and Executing Strategies, Driving Network Expansion & managing long term relationship with Business Partners. In addition to this, Handled Entire width of Business from Doctors Engagement to Marketing and Sales (Domestic & International Business) and was responsible for managing the entire top line with the support of Marketing, Communication, PR, & Branding.

Mr. Ashish did his MBA (Marketing) from a prestigious institute with Certificates courses in Strategic Management from IIM Calcutta, Digital Unlocked from Google & ISB, Merger, and Acquisition, Finance Analysis & Modelling & other Professional Diplomas in Computers, e-commerce & IT are adding values in his learning and performance contributed in aligning more than 100 Business alliances/Collaborations during his past & present assignments in a very short span of time.


Medilinks India

Medilinks India has proven expertise in introducing the best healthcare practices by introducing the world’s best systems and processes. Medilinks India properly understands the need and the best healthcare business plans. Medilinks India is partners with leading Hospitals and its specific strengths to handle the healthcare business effectively makes it a premium player and gives an edge overall to be chosen as a management consulting partner.

Medilinks India with its Several years of experience and exposure to various healthcare-related projects have enabled them to provide all solutions to all aspects of Healthcare including Medical Tourism, Online Skype Consultations, Hospital management & Operation, and Business Development & Marketing.

On inquiring from where did the idea to start something like Medilinks India came from and requesting him to tell us about his background and his journey as an entrepreneur, Mr. Ashish Vats apprised that ;

The Healthcare Industry is going through a rapid transformation and this transformation is certainly a costly affair. Concept of Corporate Hospitals/Corporate Style services in Healthcare Organisations and Hospitals are now preferred over the Conventional health services delivery centers. Moreover, the experts lead to Business transformation or We can say the CXO level of the organization adds a heavy financial load on the organization, which is somewhat acting as a hindrance incomplete transformation of any Hospital/Healthcare from a loss-making business to a Profitable Business. Understanding the Scope of providing CXO level Innovative Consulting at Subsidised Cost under the umbrella of Medilinks India motivated me to start the Venture.

​19 Years of Experience in Healthcare Industry, a remarkable Job tenure of 17 years starting from Executive to Director of an MNC, supported by IIM Calcutta and ISB Learning added fuel to be an Entrepreneur.

On inquiring from Mr. Ashish, why he has chosen to become an entrepreneur over a job? He apprised that;

To provide Indian Healthcare a Complete new dimension and dynamics, it is required to Execute a new model which can’t be possible in Job. With Medilinks India, We are successfully transforming businesses all across India. Entrepreneurship is all about taking Challenges, bringing Innovations, and optimizing Success motivated me to be an Entrepreneur.

On inquiring from him about what was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur? Mr. Ashish replied that;

India needs a robust Healthcare Functioning & Delivery System as per Indian Customers’ needs whether its Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, etc. So far, most of the organizations are replicating the International Business or Service Model without understanding the local Customers’ needs. Developing the trust of Promoters and Investors in Healthcare is also a challenge nowadays and all these can be achieved only by creating success models which an Entrepreneur can project.

Can you please share with us your source of motivation for becoming an Entrepreneur?

Motivations come from self-pressure to achieve the Dreams with Determination. My family too is the Major Source of Motivation for me especially my wife-Ajita always acts as a backbone.

On inquiring, How many hours a day do you work on average? Mr. Ashish explains that;

It requires zeal and time for planning and Execution. I usually work 12-16 hours a day to achieve goals.

On inquiring about the Uniqueness of his company Medilinks India, Mr. Ashish apprised that ;

Medilinks India’s biggest differentiator is our business model and its team. We are a team of IIM Alumni with experience of more than 15 years minimum and understand the pulse of the Healthcare Market. We suggest practical and Cost-effective strategies to our clients after understanding the strength of the Promoter, its team, and the respective market.

As an individual, How do you handle the pressure and manage stress which comes in your entrepreneur life?

I adopted a strategy to Counterattack against pressure by thinking about new ways to understand what went wrong, where is the flaw in my planning and execution creating stress. Moreover, Spending time with my little daughter-Prisha is my best stress-reducing exercise.

On inquiring how do you generate new ideas? Mr. Ashish told that;

I try to club the Concepts and differentiates from what we are offering and what the market demands, helps in generating new ideas. Generally, Expectations and failures generate new innovative ideas, which should be clubbed with your strength.

How did you come up with the name of your company?

We wanted to link all channels of Medical fields to ensure better Services profitably and are always proud of our Motherland India so we kept “ Medilinks India” as the name of our Company.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur?

Identify your Strength, Pick Concept according to your Strength, and Execute Effectively.

What are the challenges that your clients usually come up to you with? What are the initial steps taken by the firm to address their challenges?

Identifications of the Core problem & Expectations from the Consultants are the biggest challenges with the clients. Most of the time, Clients remain in the confusion that only the Sales and Marketing Department is not doing justice while everything else is fine as they concentrate on revenue. In order to make them understand, we work out Gap Analysis of different Departments and collect internal and other Scientific data to prove our stand. Moreover, We form a Strategic Committee including Client to monitor the Corrective measures introduced by Medilinks India.

Our exclusive interview with 

Ashish Vats

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"We feel Mr. Ashish Vats is an inspiration VictoryTales and wishes him a grand success"


Ashish Vats


Medilinks India

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