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Come join us. We make it a rule to work with people smarter than us.

A typical day at work

You will come into the office in the morning and grab a cup of coffee. We discourage coming into the office late and working till midnight. We only work late at crunch releases. We consider it a failure if we have to work weekends... but we do not complain if we have to get that critical release out. We realize that Google and Tesla were never built in 9 to 5 hrs. We never check Facebook or Instagram in the office - we would rather put in solid hours of work and go for a Crossfit session in the evening, than wasting time and working till midnight. We encourage you to put your head down and take a nap when you want. Snoring is discouraged.

VictoryTales Career

Work with the best

You will always hire and work with people smarter than yourself. We're looking for people who are unafraid to compete with big name universities and fancy titles... and are excited to build something entirely new. We want people who are fearless and hungry. On the technological front, you'll be working with our data science stack, our mobile apps as well as our web services. You will be unafraid to rewrite the entire python code because cProfile showed list comprehension is slowing down a batch operation on a machine with 256 mb RAM.

What we look for?

We NEVER hire based on college degrees or where you went to college. For our technical positions, your GitHub or Kaggle profile outranks your college degrees. In fact, we have proudly hired and work with people who don't have college degrees. For non-technology positions, you have to be extremely competent in your area of expertise and will need to be extremely hands-on.

Modern Work Space

Unlimited leaves

Take as many as you want. No permissions needed. Make sure you #GetStuffDone!

Cutting edge work

Brilliant, non-buzzword work in Machine learning, high-performance web services, design for Bharat, operations excellence, Sales+mktg kung fu, strategy & analytics.

Work Remotely

We get it. Sometimes you want to work in your pajamas. That's fine with us. See you on Slack!

Current Openings
Following list displays our current required positions. This list will update regularly.

Kindly visit again after some time

Currently, there is no available opening, Request you to please check back after some time.

If you're interested in working with us, kindly share your resume with us at

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